Job Descriptions

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Maintaining and keeping accurate job descriptions ensures employees are fairly compensated and better balance organizational structure which can aid culture and productivity.  We encourage you to watch this video and look over the example provided to you.

Total Compensation Calculator

It can sometimes be difficult to understand Southern Utah University's holistic compensation package.  We've made and provided a total compensation calculator to answer some frequent questions we get about our compensation package.

Pay Ranges and Procedures

SUU utilizes a grade system for staff by doing a best match of survey median pay to the median of the grade. Grade ranges are attached below. Grade ranges are adjusted proportionally each year depending on COLA adjustments. Faculty function on a direct CUPA median match with 15% above and below to create the range.


Our compensation surveys pull data from a varied pool of institutions similar to our own.  We benchmark using this data in order to create a more equitable compensation structure and to stay competitive inside the market.

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