Employee Wellness Program

SUU’s Employee Wellness Program is a semester-long series of challenges designed to improve the overall health of SUU faculty and staff. Participate in activities to earn points, build healthy habits, and win prizes!

Man hiking in the mountainsSummer 2024: Physical Activity

This semester we are inviting SUU employees to get active! Join us in a series of weekly, monthly, and semester challenges to increase your physical wellness.

Summer 2024 Signup

After signing up you will receive access to the self-tracker spreadsheet. Simply follow along and log your challenge progress.

Wellness Challenge Details

By completing Wellness Program challenges and tracking your progress you can earn points. At the end-of-semester wrap-up ceremony participants cash in their points and win prizes! Past prizes have included many fun things such as hammocks, sports equipment, kitchen appliances, bluetooth earbuds, SUU merch, and more. There is a prize for everyone!

Weekly challenges must be done at least once a week to earn the associated points.

120 minutes of physical exerciseDo 120 Minutes per week of physical activity. Activity at the PE Building can count towards this challenge as well.

  • Walking your dog
  • Playing yard games
  • Going for a morning run
  • Doing yard work
5 minute breathingEngage in 5 minutes of breathing exercises once a week. This can help lower resting blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.

Desk StretchesDo some stretching at your desk once a week to help boost your energy and improve your posture, flexibility, and help prevent injury.

Activity at the PE BuildingParticipate in any activity at the PE building once a week. The Summer Iron Man activities can count towards this activity as well as the 120 minutes of physical exercise.

  • Attending a fitness class
  • Going swimming
  • Playing a game of pickleball
  • Doing some rock-climbing

30 day challenges must be completed at least once in the 30 day period to earn the associated points.

Join a 5kTake some time to run a 5k, it can be an official event or a run around your neighborhood. You can also add up all the distance you walk over time to equal a 5K as well.


Semester challenges must be completed at least once in the course of the semester to earn the associated points.

Summer Iron ManSUU Intramurals, SUU Outdoors, and SUU Health and Wellness is offering a Summer Ironman to promote Health and Wellness at Southern Utah University. You will have 3 months to complete a full Ironman which consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. IMLeagues | Southern Utah University | Fitness Home
Utah Summer GamesGet points for volunteering, competing in, or attending any events for the Utah Summer Games.
Yoga and Mindfulness classYoga and Mindfulness with Amie Despain recording. You can watch the video and follow along to earn points for this challenge. Mindful Minute handout.
Give T-Fit 2.0 FeedbackGive us any feedback on what you think of the wellness program. Let us know if there are ways you think we could improve or alter the program in the future. Wellness Program Feedback
Red Handed AwardHonor good work above and beyond job duties for faculty, staff, students, and external constituents on campus by submitting a Red Handed award nomination

Ongoing Campus Initiatives are open continuously and can be completed weekly to earn the associated points.

Across Campus This is probably the broadest activity. Literally participating in any activity that is associated with SUU!

  • Attending a Faculty-Senate meeting
  • Going to a sports game
  • Joining a club
Recycle/ReuseDo anything associated with saving energy, reusing materials, or thinking of the environment.

  • Using reusable water bottles or shopping bags
  • Using biodegradable packaging
  • Recycling eligible trash and waste
  • Walking or biking to/from work

We want to grow and improve, so please provide feedback regarding our employee wellness program.

If you have any questions regarding the tracker, please contact benefits@suu.edu.