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Everyone wants to live a good life; to live well. Despite this seemingly universal desire, any number of people seem to just go through the motions, doing things because they feel a vague social pressure to do so. In philosophy, we critically examine fundamental assumptions about the world, ourselves, ethics, politics, knowledge, and what it means to live a good life with an eye not just toward finding the Truth, but with special attention to cultivating the sorts of people who have the intellectual, civic, and moral characters necessary to thoughtfully engage with the world and to live what Socrates called, “the examined life.”

Whether in our classes, in the philosophy club, through the undergraduate philosophy conference, or just in the halls between classes, SUU philosophers are part of a vibrant, supportive, and collaborative intellectual scene and are together dedicated to working toward finding good answers to challenging problems.

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Philosophy Club

Join the Philosophy Club Wednesdays at 4pm in the General Classroom Building, room 107 for our weekly meetings.

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Philosophy Conference

The Philosophy Club hosts an annual conference celebrating undergraduate scholarship at SUU. This annual event brings speakers and professors from across the U.S. and includes workshops and commentaries from Philosophers old and new.

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Utah Lyceum

The Utah Lyceum is a free five day summer camp aiming to introduce Utah middle school and high school students to Philosophy before college. Each year has a new theme, and tackling the big questions and problem solving together. 

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