Master of Public Administration Program

The 36 semester hour MPA program is a professional degree suitable to all students interested in pursuing a career in management within the public or non-profit sectors. The MPA program provides an intellectual, collaborative and engaged learning environment where practical and theoretical concepts of public administration are presented within the historical, political, social, cultural and economic contexts. Students learn to act as facilitators in defining and pursuing the public interest. 

Classes focus on developing the ability to reason critically, to analyze important dimensions of public service, and to take coherent positions on key public administration and policy issues. Upon graduation, students in the program should communicate effectively through written and oral means, and possess the competencies outlined below. 

Versatile in its design, students may customize the program to suit their personal interests and career objectives. A variety of electives are available within the MPA program and through other graduate programs at Southern Utah University (SUU). All MPA students can enroll in either online or on-campus courses. Students may choose from all course offerings in any combination of on-campus or online courses as long as the minimum credits are earned at the required performance level.

The MPA degree at Southern Utah University will give the student a rich experience in learning and will challenge them to rise to each occasion whether it is academically or professionally. In addition, the MPA at SUU will train those who are new to the Public Administration field how to effectively manage in their organization and make ethical decisions that will benefit, not only their organization, but their community.

Mission Statement

The Master of Public Administration degree program builds upon Southern Utah University's individualized experiential learning through our mission and goals.

  • Prepare pre-service and in-service students to meet the challenges of public and nonprofit service.
  • Develop student knowledge and competencies through scholarly activity, experiential learning, and applied research.
  • Offer coursework that presents a framework of understanding based on academic literature and skill development through activities, projects, and assignments.
  • Promote public service values, a culture of democratic administration, leadership and management skills, and ethical decision-making in all aspects of public and nonprofit sector organizations.
  • Provide on-campus and online students with comparable academic experiences that develop knowledge and skills for public service.
SUU Strategic Plan