MPA Program Effectiveness

The MPA program is proud of its graduates! Alumni have accepted positions in all levels of government, nonprofit organizations, and in the private sector. Many graduates volunteer to become a member of our Advisory Council, thereby contributing to the long-term success of the program and the public service profession. The MPA faculty are committed to lifelong learning and often partner with our graduates on community activities, research projects, and other endeavors.

Our program has a diverse student body and our MPA alumni represent non-traditional and international students. Many of our current students work full time and our graduates represent several countries outside the United States.

The graduation rate is an important indicator of how efficiently students complete their degrees. The following table represents graduation rates for students over the past several years. The current data collection process does not allow us to distinguish between graduation rates for pre-service and in-service students. Pre-service students who enroll full-time can complete the program in two years, which is 100% of the time. In-service students, who often enroll on a part-time basis, may take longer than two years to complete the degree.

Cumulative Graduation Rates (per 5-year cohort)
Reporting Year Measure Initial Cohort Group 2-Year Graduation Rate 3-Year Graduation Rate 4-Year Graduation Rate Total Students Graduated & Persisting to Graduation
2017-18 Number of Students 54 23 34 36 38
% of All 2012-13 Cohort Students   42.6% 63.0% 66.7% 70.4%
2016-17 Number of Students 37 14 23 24 N/A
% of All 2011-12 Cohort Students   37.8% 62.2% 64.9% N/A
2015-16 Number of Students 17 11 13 14 N/A
% of All 2010-11 Cohort Students   64.7% 76.5% 82.4% N/A
2014-15 Number of Students 26 18 20 21 N/A
% of All 2009-10 Cohort Students   69.2% 76.9% 80.8% N/A
2013-14 Number of Students 20 10 12 15 N/A
% of All 2008-09 Cohort Students   50.0% 60.0% 75.0% N/A

Job Placement Rates

Year Placement Rate
2014-15 85.0%
2015-16 97.0%
2016-17 87.5%