MPA Concentration Options

The MPA program currently offers three emphasis tracks, which were developed in order to:

1) further enhance the career prospects of students who want to develop additional expertise in these areas,

2) ensure prospective employers, including Advisory Board members, are supplied with a workforce that can meet the unique needs of their respective organizations, and

3) offer a broader range of educational opportunities to attract new students to the program. The Mission-specific elective competencies for our three concentration options are as follows:

State and Local Government Emphasis

  • Identify and apply relevant legal issues and regulations for state and local governments
  • Demonstrate ability to manage state and local government resources and programs in an effective and ethical manner
  • Communicate and coordinate between different levels of government, the private sector, and the general public

Higher Education Administration Emphasis

  • Manage and administer student services in higher education in an ethical and effective manner
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the developmental stages of students in higher education environments.
  • Navigate organizational structures of higher education and prioritize competing interests.

Criminal Justice Emphasis

  • Exhibit extensive knowledge of the U.S. Criminal Justice System comprised of law enforcement, courts and corrections.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage local, state and federal law enforcement resources and programs in an effective and ethical manner.
  • Navigate organizational structures within the criminal justice system.
  • Communicate and coordinate between different levels of law enforcement in the United States.