Academic Standards

All students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) to be eligible for graduation. Please recognize that students who consistently earn a B- will not meet this standard. Students who fall below the 3.0 standard will be contacted each semester and asked to develop a plan to improve their GPA. Students who do not meet the 3.0 requirement within two semesters of coursework will be dismissed from the program. Please see Policy #6.62 Graduate Grading Policy.

Students will not receive academic credit if they earn a C+ or below in any course. If the course is a core or required course, students must repeat it and earn a passing grade. If the course is an elective, students have the option of repeating the course.

Students who complete at least ½ of a course’s requirements are eligible to receive an Incomplete grade if circumstances prevent the completion of the course assignments. The instructor has the authority and responsibility to decide whether to issue an Incomplete.

For information on academic probation, please see Academic Probation Policy.

Student Conduct

Southern Utah University (SUU) establishes high expectations and community standards for its students through its policies and procedures. Students voluntarily assume the responsibility to meet these standards and expectations when they enroll at the University. The Student Conduct Staff educates students about the University’s standards and expectations, and when those standards and expectations are not met, seeks to hold students accountable for their choices leading to conduct incongruent with SUU’s policies and procedures.

As MPA students, you are encouraged to exceed these expectations, not only academically, but professionally. As part of the MPA program, we expect that each student will have:

  • Honesty – Students will strive to be true to themselves and others while upholding the ideals of the SUU honor code and students will avoid all communication and actions that will mislead others.
  • Integrity – Students will honor commitments by practicing highest ethical standards, and taking personal responsibility for your actions even when facing social and economic pressures.
  • Respect – Students will treat everyone with respect, dignity, and fairness with no tolerance for discrimination.
  • Global Awareness – Students will strive to understand and appreciate diversity of the global environment, and be sensitive to the ramifications of their actions in the international community.
  • Excellence - Students will strive for a high level of academic excellence and professional achievement. Students will demonstrate their ability to perform while developing their intellectual capabilities and skills.

We hold these values in high regard and hope the student understands that their actions today and in the future reflect upon themselves and the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice and the MPA program.


Southern Utah University defines plagiarism as intentionally or carelessly presenting the work of another as one’s own. It includes submitting an assignment purporting to be the student’s original work which has wholly or in part been created by another person, or cutting and pasting of source material. It also includes the presentation of the work, ideas, representations, or words of another person without customary and proper acknowledgment of sources. It is the responsibility of the student to consult with their instructors for clarification in any situation in which the need for documentation is an issue.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding Academic Integrity, please consult the Student Code of Conduct.