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SUU Facts for International Students

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Campus Facts

    Favorite Study Spot: The Library Reading Room

  Class Size: 73% of classes have fewer than 30 students

  Outdoor Recreation: Voted "National Outdoor Champions"

   Residential Campus: 90% of students live within walking distance of campus

  Most Unusual Class: Writing About Video Games

    Most Popular Event: Forever Red

Academic Facts

   90% acceptance rate to accredited law schools

    82% acceptance rate to dental schools

   Top 10% on the national business field exam

   98% acceptance rate to medical schools

  100% acceptance rate to pharmaceutical schools

    Among 10% of business schools worldwide

Cedar City Facts

  Population: 30,000

  City Life: Safe college environment

  Theatre Scene: International destination for the renowned Utah Shakespear Festival

  Location: Home to the largest concentration of national parks and monuments in the USA - all within 3 hours!

  Weather: All 4 seasons

    Arts & Culture: SUMA and other galleries and museums in Southern Utah provide a rich cultural scene