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Stephen Allen
Admissions Counselor for the Middle East & Pacific Islands

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Admissions Counselor for North America & Parts of Europe

Lambert Okito
Admissions Counselor for Africa & North Africa

Jacob Ng
Admissions Counselor for Asia & Southeast Asia

Blaine Hone
Admissions Counselor for Central & South America

Kurt Harris
Admissions Counselor for Parts of Europe

Meagan Beesley
International Affairs Business Manager

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Laura McAneney
International Admissions Coordinator

Caridee Allred
International Graduate Admissions Specialist

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NTMC - Southern Utah University Dual BS/MD Program

The Dual BS/MD Degree Program is a unique academic arrangement between Southern Utah University (SUU) and New Tokyo Medical College (NTMC) located at the Federated States of Micronesia. This program provides students the opportunity to receive a baccalaureate degree in Biology or Chemistry from SUU in combination with a medical doctor degree from NTMC. The first four years of this program are completed at SUU and IEEA Global Campus in Korea with the last four years being completed at NTMC. As part of these final four years, residencies are completed at NTMC-affiliated medical universities around the world and teaching hospitals in the United States. NTMC is fully recognized by the Foundation for Advancement of International Education and Research (FAIMER) and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Students in this program are eligible to take USMLE exams during their academic years at NTMC and can apply for Residential Matching upon successful completion of the program. Admission into this competitive program is dependent on a number of factors, including the usual admission policies at SUU and NTMC. More information on NTMC and the program can be found at:

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