Step 1: CITI Registration and Training

All researchers conducting human subject research must provide evidence of researcher ethics training. Southern Utah University uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (or "CITI") program for researcher ethics training. All SUU affiliates (students, staff, researchers) must submit a CITI certificate for the appropriate training:

  • Faculty and staff will complete the Faculty/Staff Researchers training.
  • Undergraduate students will complete the Student Researchers training.
  • Education graduate students (along with any "classroom observers") will complete the Education Graduate Student Researchers training.

Note: Researchers from institutions other than SUU should submit both CITI certificates and score reports. External institutions may require different training modules in the CITI program than SUU does. The IRB will evaluate external researchers' score reports to determine whether their training is comparable to the requirements for SUU affiliates.

Below you will find a page-by-page guide for the CITI registration and training process.


Step-by-Step Guide for CITI Training

Page 1 Select Learner Affiliation

After visiting and clicking "Register," you will see the first page. Click "Select Your Organization Affiliation".

page 1 select learner affiliation

Page 2 Select Organizational Affiliation

Type in "Southern Utah University" without quotes and using proper capitalization. Click the checkbox for the two statements and then click "Create a CITI Program account".

page 2 select organizational affiliation

Page 3 Enter Personal Information

Enter your personal information, including your first/given name, last name/surname, email address, and an email address verification. You may enter the secondary email address as well if you choose to do so.

Page 3 Enter Personal Information

Page 4 Create Username and Password

Create your personal username, password, and security question. Your password will be case-sensitive, so use capitalization that you will remember.

Page 4 Create Username and Password

Page 5 Country of Residence and Contact

Enter your country of residence--United States--and then check the radio button for your contact preferences for emails from the CITI program.

Page 5 Country of Residence and Contact

Page 6 CE Credits

Click the radio button for "NO".

Page 6 CE Credits

Page 7 Affiliate with an Institution

Type in your email address, department, and any other required information. The CITI program recommends an institutional address, but this is not an absolute requirement to complete registration and start your training.

Page 7 Affiliate with an Institution

Page 8, Question 1 Learner Group

On Page 8, there will be a series of questions, and your answers here are important. If you choose the wrong options, you may not complete the correct training for your role (or you may complete trainings you do not need to complete).

What should you choose?

  • Faculty and staff will select Faculty and Staff Researchers.
  • Undergraduate and graduate (except education) students will select Student Researchers.
  • All education graduate students (and any "classroom observers") will select Education Graduate Student Researchers.
Page 8 Learner Group

Page 8, Question 2 Good Clinical Practice

Do not select "Good Clinical Practice (GCP)".

Page 8 Good Clinical Practice

Page 8, Question 3 Responsible Conduct of Research

Select "No(t) at this time, thank you".

Page 8 Responsible Conduct of Research

Page 8, Question 4 Laboratory Animal Welfare

Do not select any options.

Page 8 Laboratory Animal Welfare

Page 8, Question 5 COVID-19 Back to Campus

Click the radio button for "No".

Page 8 COVID-19 Back to Campus

 Page 8, Question 6 Remote Contact Tracing

Click the radio button for "No", then click the button at the bottom of the page to complete registration and access your trainings.

Page 8 Remote Contact Tracing

Page 9 Courses Ready to Begin

You have now completed registration, but not the trainings. To start your training, click "Start Now".

Page 9 Courses Ready to Begin

Page 10 Assurance Statement Description

Read the Assurance Statement and click the box indicating that you agree then click "Submit".

Page 10 Assusrance Statement

Page 11 Required Modules

Now your trainings will appear and you can actually start the trainings. To start the trainings, click the "Start" button for the module you want to begin.

Note: You will see additional modules listed if you properly selected the "Faculty and Staff Researchers" or "Education Graduate Student Researchers" trainings. You must complete all modules to obtain a CITI certificate.

Page 11 Required Modules

After You Complete Your Trainings

Once you complete your required training modules, you will be able to download a CITI certificate. The IRB accepts only completion certificates for the appropriate CITI trainings.

View-Print-Share Record

After you successfully complete your trainings, your course will be listed under "Completed Courses." To access and download your CITI certificate, click on the "View-Print-Share Record" button.

Submission Click View

View-Print Certificate

On the following screen, you'll be able to access the Completion Report (on the left) and the Completion Certificate (on the right). Click "View-Print" underneath Completion Certificate.

Submission Print Certificate

Send CITI Certificate to IRB with IRB Proposal

Your proposal will look like the document to the right. Once you download your CITI certificate, you will submit it with your IRB Proposal Form when you submit it. Please do not send only CITI certificates to the IRB.

CITI Certificate Example