Externally Funded Research

In most cases, studies reviewed and approved by the SUU IRB are not externally funded; these research activities either do not require funding to complete or researchers “self-fund” their projects by providing compensation and other project necessities out of their own pocket. Researchers may also seek to subsidize their research activities through external funding from sources outside of SUU, such as grants. To secure external funding, researchers must work with two separate SUU entities: the Institutional Review Board, and the Sponsored Programs, Agreements, Research, and Contracts (SPARC) office.

 sparc irb process

Researchers seeking external funding for human subject research activities should note important differences in the IRB approval process:

  1. Seeking and applying for external funding occurs before IRB approval. Efforts to seek and apply for external funding must be coordinated with the SPARC office. An application for funding may be submitted with a pending IRB request. However, no award will be made without IRB review and approval.  
  2. Researchers can complete CITI training (IRB Approval Step 1) and develop supporting materials (IRB Approval Step 2) as they formulate their external funding proposal (SPARC Pre-Award Process, Steps 1-6).
  3. Researchers seeking external funding may submit an IRB proposal while working with SPARC on developing their funding proposal. Researchers should coordinate with SPARC to ensure they are meeting sponsor requirements.

An externally funded human subject research proposal will almost certainly take significantly more time to receive full approval from SPARC and the IRB than an IRB proposal for an unfunded or self-funded project. Approval times for external funding vary depending on funders, requirements, and the researcher’s ability to meet the requirements to apply for funding. Researchers should note the longer timelines and develop their projects accordingly. 


How SPARC Can Help Researchers Seeking Funding

  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Developing funded research proposals
  • Assisting researchers to meet pre-award and post-award requirements

Visit SPARC online at http://www.suu.edu/sparc
Contact SPARC at sparc@suu.edu

How the IRB Can Help Researchers Seeking Funding

  • Consulting researchers concerning ethical issues in a research proposal
  • Reviewing IRB proposals once funding is approved (in most cases) and supporting researchers conducting approved studies

Visit IRB online at http://www.suu.edu/irb
Contact the IRB at irb@suu.edu