Rappel Station

Rappel Station Photo

The Rappel Station at Southern Utah University is the best place to practice rappelling and canyoneering in southern Utah. Built in 2019 to add a year-round rappelling experience for SUU students, faculty, staff, and the community at large.

The Rappel Station is 40-ft. tall with the following features:

  • A practice ramp for getting ready to drop over the edge.
  • One rappel rappel route for an easier way down the wall.
  • One overhanging route that allows for learning how to get over an overhanging ledge and rappel on a freehanging rope.

Hours & Rates

Rappelling at the Climbing Tower

The Rappel Station is only open by appointment. Email suuoutdoors@suu.edu to get your team, group, or course ready to go.

Pricing for SUU Climbing Facilities
Service  Cost
 Climbing Wall Daily Pass (includes gear) $6
 Rappel Station Daily Pass (available certain hours) $2
 Tread Wall Daily Pass (training needed) $2

Group Pricing

Typically groups take 1-2 hours at the Rappel Station to ensure to achieve developmental goals and get several rappels in.

We'll take groups of all ages from 1-50 participants. However, there is a minimum payment of 5 participants.

Pricing for SUU Rappel Station
 Age Group First Hour Additional Hour
 Adult (over 18-years-old) $10 $5
 Youth (under 18-years-old) $8 $4
 SUU (SUU programs/dept.) $5 $2.50

Waiver & Rules

Our waivers are digital and need to be filled out by anyone who wishes to climb/rappel/boulder.