Student Climbing Tread WallTread Wall at the PE Building

Hours & Rates

The Tread Wall is open to anyone who checks in at the PE Cage first, signs the waiver, and pays their dues.

Pricing for SUU Climbing Facilities
Climbing Wall Daily Pass (includes gear) $6
Rappel Station Daily Pass (available certain hours) $2
Tread Wall Daily Pass (training needed) $2

Group Pricing

Typically groups take 1-2 hours at the Rappel Station to ensure to achieve developmental goals and get several rappels in.

We'll take groups of all ages from 1-50 participants. However, there is a minimum payment of 5 participants.

Pricing for SUU Rappel Station
  First Hour Additional Hour
Adult (over 18-years-old) $10 $5
Youth (under 18-years-old) $8 $4
SUU (SUU programs/dept.) $5 $2.50

Waiver & Rules

Our waivers are digital and need to be filled out by anyone who wishes to climb/rappel/boulder.