Parking Services

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Parking Office located?

Motor Pool Building, 1175 W 200 S.

Do I have to buy a parking permit?

No. You are only required to purchase a parking permit if you plan to park a vehicle in any Red (Student), Blue (Faculty), or Gray (Housing) lot. Faculty, Staff, and Students who wish to park in University parking lots must purchase a valid SUU parking permit from Parking Services. Green lots are also available for those parking without a permit.

How do I enter a new vehicle?

You can follow the step-by-step instructions shown at

How do I add a vehicle to my permit?

You can follow the step-by-step instructions shown at

How do I delete a vehicle?

You can follow the step-by-step instructions shown at

How do I add a bicycle?

You can follow the step-by-step instructions shown at

Where can I park with my permit?

The color on your permit designates the lots in which you may park. See the Campus parking map

How do I buy a permit?

Faculty, Staff, and Students may complete the necessary documentation via the SUU portal. Visitors, Vendors, and Contractors may obtain a permit at the Parking Services office.

  • Locate your vehicle registration. Up to two vehicles can be registered for each permit.
  • Go to
  • Add a vehicle to your account, or add a permit to an existing vehicle on file. Your SUU account will be charged.
  • Permits must be paid for before they can be issued.
  • Pick up your permit from Parking Services.

When do permits expire?

Permits expire on July 31. However, vehicles are not required to display a permit during the "summer break". 

Am I able to get a refund for my parking permit?

Refunds are issued in full during the first 2 weeks of the semester.

I am a visitor. What are my parking options?

A visitor has two options when parking on campus:

  1. Obtain a visitor permit by requesting one via our visitor permit request form.
  2. Park in any open green lots on campus.

What if I lose my permit or it is stolen?

Your permit is a valuable resource and we recommend you keep it secure at all times. In the case that your permit is lost, you will need to purchase a replacement at half price. If the prior permit is found to be in use on campus, the vehicle displaying the permit will be booted and fined.

How do I display my permit on my motorcycle?

Permits must be adhered to the motorcycle in any visible location.

Where can I park my motorcycle?

Motorcycles are only allowed to park in designated motorcycle parking. There are multiple designated motorcycle parking areas located throughout campus.

What if I forget my permit?

If you have a permit, you may obtain one free temporary permit each year which is good up to two weeks. You may also park in any green parking lot without a permit.

I have a state issued handicap license plate, hang tag or placard on my automobile. Do I have to register it with Parking Services?

No, a state issued handicap license plate, hang tag, or placard does not need to be registered and works as a valid parking permit in all lots on campus.


Today is a University break or holiday, are parking restrictions enforced?

Campus lots are not monitored for permits when school is not in session; however, campus lots may be monitored for other parking violations during University breaks.

How long do I have to pay a citation?

Payments are due within 30 days from the date the citation was issued. A late fee will be assessed in the amount of $20.

I failed to pay a parking citation. What will happen?

Any unpaid parking citations will be assessed a $20 late fee after 30 days as well as your account may be placed on hold. Also, in accordance with SUU policy, vehicles with multiple outstanding violations may be subject to stationary impounding or towing. 

How do I pay my citation?

You have two payment options:

1. Online: Please go to the Parking Services website to pay your citation. 

2. In Person: Present the ticket and credit card information at the Parking Services office between the hours of Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

How do I appeal a citation?

Visit the "Appeal Ticket" portion of the Parking Services website. Enter your ticket number, license plate or VIN number and then choose the option to appeal the ticket. Enter the information provided and submit.

How long do I have to file an appeal?

Appeals must be submitted within 10 calendar days of the date the citation was issued.

How will I receive a response on my citation appeal?

The Parking Appeals Committee meets on a weekly basis. You will be notified via email regarding their decision.

I am often unable to locate a valid parking space so I parked in a lot without the correct permit and received a citation. Can you reduce my ticket to a warning?

This is not a valid excuse for receiving a citation. The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. If you cannot find a stall in your preferred parking lot, remember that you can always park in any green lot with or without a permit. When parking on campus, bring a map, familiarize yourself with parking options and always have a backup plan if your first lot choice is full.

My Hang tag permit was lying on the dashboard. Why did I receive a citation?

This is not considered proper display of a permit. Permits must be hung from your rearview mirror and must not be blocked from view.

Does the University Boot/ Impound vehicles?

Yes. Any vehicle that is found on campus with 4 or more unresolved citations will be booted and released only when the balance is paid in full.

I am borrowing a vehicle which does not have a permit. What can I do?

Your permit is transferable between vehicles. Please register any vehicle that you may park on campus. You may also park in any Green lot on campus without a permit, or if you have a current permit you may request a temporary permit good up to two weeks from the Parking Services office.

I am planning an event on campus. How do I get permits for my visitors?

Faculty and staff may request visitor permits online through our Request a visitor permit form.

I heard you don’t ticket during the first week of school, is that true?

No. We do ticket during the first week of school. Please pick up your permit BEFORE school starts.

I heard you don’t ticket during finals week, is that true?

No. We do ticket during finals week.

Can I register online for a permit if I only have a temporary license plate?

Yes. Since your plate is temporary you may put “temporary” under the license plate number. Please inform Parking Services of your new plate number when it arrives.