Parking Services

Parking Rules and Regulations

University regular campus parking lots are enforced during the school year from 7 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. University holidays are excluded. Permits are not required during summer break. 

Common violations:

No Permit: Vehicles cannot park in enforced campus lots without first securing and displaying a valid parking permit. 

Out of Stall: Parking in a way that the vehicle is not completely in a designated stall.

Falsification: It is prohibited to display a citation on a vehicle windshield which was issued on a previous date and time. It is prohibited to display a SUU permit that has been altered or copied.

Parking on sidewalk or lawn: No vehicles are allowed to park on any of SUU's sidewalks or grounds.

Blocking or impeding traffic flow: No vehicles are allowed to park in such a manner that could block or impede vehicular traffic or access to pedestrian crosswalks.

Invalid permit in designated parking lot: It is prohibited to park any vehicle in designated lots without properly displaying a valid permit for that area.

Failure to obey signs or curb marking: Unauthorized vehicles parked in restricted stalls, or areas, will be cited.

Unlawful parking in handicap zone: Only vehicles displaying a valid handicap placard or plate are permitted to park in these designated stalls.

Parking in RED zone: Parking in any red zone is prohibited.


Bicycle Parking: Bicycling is allowed and encouraged on campus. However, anyone using a bicycle on University property shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian, and shall travel at reasonable and safe speeds under the circumstances and conditions. Bicycling will not be allowed on grass, shrubbery or flower beds. All violators will be cited. Bicycles shall be parked only in bike racks. All others will have their fastening device removed and bicycle impounded at the owner's expense. Bicycles left unattended for over 5 days will be impounded at the owner's expense and will be turned over to Lost & Found if not claimed in 30 days.  Bicycle permits are required.

Motorcycles: Motorcycle parking is provided at specially marked areas throughout the campus. Regular automobile parking spaces are not to be used by motorcycles. Driving or parking on sidewalks is prohibited.