About SUU Police

On behalf of all the SUU police employees we welcome you and extend our hand to assist you during your stay, whether it is to attend an evening event or an extended stay.

The Department of SUU Police has the motto, “Working with you to make our university a safer place to learn”. This is the every day goal to make sure your learning experience is a safe and enjoyable one. With the assistance of every member of our campus community this is a realistic and obtainable goal. Our vision for the department is to be a national model for public universities regarding SUU police services.

Community orienting policing is the model our department works under. We work closely with the Presidents Council, SUUSA, and Faculty and Staff Associations to ensure we are addressing the concerns of our campus. We also work closely with various external agencies like the Cedar City Police Department, Iron County Attorney Office, Women’s Crisis Center, and many other local, state, and federal agencies.

Carlos Medina
Chief of Police



Details About Our Office

Firearms on campus
Due to the frequency of questions regarding firearms on campus, an information sheet as been provided to help clarify the majority of those questions, however if you are not able to find your answer please contact our office. Firearms frequently asked questions.

The Safe Harbor Act provides guidance on how police departments can assist in securing a weapon for an owner or cohabitant of the owner when there is a safety concern.  Frequently asked questions and answers.  A completed request form must accompany the weapon or other items being held.

Also you can self restrict from being able to purchasing a firearm requiring a Utah back ground check for a designated period of time. Complete the Self restrict form

Firearm storage safety is very important, basic safety reminders are seen in this video.

Outside Security and Peace Officer Employment
Due to the potential conflict of interest no member of this department may engage in any outside or secondary employment as a private security guard, private investigator or other similar private security position.

Any private organization, entity or individual seeking special services for security or traffic control from members of this department must submit a written request to the Chief of Police in advance of the desired service. Such outside overtime will be assigned, monitored and paid through the Department.

  • The applicant will be required to enter into an indemnification agreement prior to approval.
  • The applicant will further be required to provide for the compensation and full benefits of all employees requested for such outside security services.
  • Should such a request be approved, any employee working outside overtime shall be subject to the following conditions:
  • The officer(s) shall wear the Department uniform/identification.
  • The officer(s) shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Department.
  • No officer may engage in such outside employment during or at the site of a strike, lockout, picket or other physical demonstration of a labor dispute.
  • Compensation for such approved outside security services shall be pursuant to normal overtime procedures.
  • No officer may engage in outside employment as a peace officer for any other public agency without prior written authorization of the Chief of Police.

Officer Involved Shootings
To assist in transparency and to comply with state code 76-2-408, the protocol used for investigating officer involved shootings/officer involved critical incidents is available for review. SUU Police department supports and participants with the Iron Country Critical Incident Task Force. Investigative Protocol

Portable Recorders

Officers wear body cameras while conducting patrol operations in a conspicuous manner so community members can see them.  Recordings assist in investigations and reporting of incidents.  Policy 421 provides more details.