Employment with SUU Police

SUU Police Officers

Full Time Employment

The Southern Utah University Police has six Full-Time Officers and one Full-Time Department Secretary. The officers are all P.O.S.T. certified in the state of Utah. Information about openings for these positions can be found on the SUU Employment website

Part Time Employment

We have five local law enforcement officers who work as Part-Time Reserve Officers. They help with special events and take over shifts for Full-Time Officers when needed.  All reserve officers are required to be employed and current in their certifications within a Utah police agency.   Information about these positions can be obtained by calling our office (435) 586-7793 and talking to Chief Rick Brown. Utah Peace Officer Certification is required.

Student Employment

Our Department has two student secretaries. Openings for these positions are posted on the Employment website.

Campus Safety Guards
We have campus safety guards who patrol campus daily and secure and lock-up campus at night. Openings in this area are posted on the Employment website.

Outside Security and Peace Office Employment

Any private organization, entity or individual seeking special services for security or traffic control from members of this department must submit a written request to the Chief of Police in advance of the desired service. Such outside overtime will be assigned, monitored and paid through the Department.

(a) The applicant will be required to enter into an indemnification agreement prior to
(b) The applicant will further be required to provide for the compensation and full benefits of all employees requested for such outside security services.
(c) Should such a request be approved, any employee working outside overtime shall be subject to the following conditions:
1. The officer(s) shall wear the Department uniform/identification.
2. The officer(s) shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Department.
3. No officer may engage in such outside employment during or at the site of a
strike, lockout, picket or other physical demonstration of a labor dispute.
4. Compensation for such approved outside security services shall be pursuant to normal overtime procedures.
5. No officer may engage in outside employment as a peace officer for any other public agency without prior written authorization of the Chief of Police.