Campus Police Services

Police ATV

Accidents Reports
Any accident on campus should be reported to the SUU police department and documented for all parties involved. Officers use forms that are accepted by all police and insurance agencies.

Alcohol and Drugs
There are a variety of resources available on campus and in the community to assist those who are dealing alcohol and drugs.

Officers carry naloxone rescue kits and have been trained to assist in an opioid crisis.  Please call 911 if you or someone is experiencing a medical emergency. Additional opioid resources.

Campus Patrols
To ensure campus safety, and enforce the campus and city laws, officers patrol campus regularly. All buildings on campus are monitored and locked nightly by SUU police personnel. Buildings are secured at the following times - building hours.

Event Security
All campus events are overseen by SUU police officers and personnel.

Internship Opportunities
Internships are available to students in a variety of forms and can be given to students that fulfill the requirements set forth by the chief of SUU police. Interested students need to submit an Intern application.

Law Enforcement Services
All of our officers are P.O.S.T. certified and trained. Each officer must complete at least 40 hours of training a year as well as comply with University policy. All officers are trained in handling law enforcement situations and are capable in performing law enforcement services. Any criminal activity i.e. accidents, graffiti, suspicious people, threats, etc. should be reported to the SUU police office.

Lockout Service
If someone should get locked out of their vehicle on campus, our officers are trained in unlocking vehicles. If contacted they will respond as soon as possible.

Lectures and Seminars
Periodically throughout the school year officers conduct seminars to inform audiences of various topics. Upon request officers are also available to attend and speak at other appointments.  Please join us for the next seminar, details will be provided here.

Medical Services
All Officers are certified in CPR and attend regular basic first aid courses in order to provide first responder level of medical care. Further medical care is provided by Gold Cross Ambulance service. During certain events a standby ambulance is stationed on site during the time of the event, also the Utah State Health Department will aid in locating a mass casualty response trailer on site. Currently there are 42 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) located across campus. AED locations

Trauma kits are located near each AED.  Kits are supplied with resources that can aid in a major medical incident.  Supplies include large gauze wraps, protective mask, tourniquet, and other items.  There are no small bandages inside, small bandages can be found at each building custodial office.

Evacuation chairs are available in most buildings that have a floor that does not have an exterior ground level exit.   When elevators are not safe to use, the evacuation chairs can assist those providing aid to individuals in wheel chairs or injured in a safer manner to evacuate the building.

Every effort is taken to return property to the rightful owner.  In the event that property has not been claimed by its owner a public notice of disposition change will be posted here.  Property will then be disposed of per department policy.