Reporting Crime


A photo of one of the emergency poles on SUU campus.We request all suspicious behavior and crimes be reported as soon as possible and encourage victims to report all incidents to our department at once, regardless of the nature of crime. Crimes occurring on the SUU campus can be reported in person or by calling the SUU Police Department any time of the day, during office hours, or at night by calling (435) 586 - 1911. Crimes occurring off campus should be immediately reported to the law enforcement agency having proper jurisdiction.


Emergencies requiring immediate assistance by police, fire or medical aid can be reported in person by dialing 911 from any telephone on campus. All of the telephones located on campus are tied into the 911 emergency system. Emergencies can also be reported by using one of the Emergency Blue Light phones throughout the campus.

Non-emergency calls for assistance can be reported by dialing the SUU Police Department at (435) 586 -1911. Upon reporting a crime, traffic accident, injury accident or other incident, the proper police response will be initiated.

For each call received, a dispatcher will ask a series of structured questions while a second dispatcher will be sending the appropriate assistance to your location. Listen carefully to each question and try to answer it as best you can.

  • Give a brief description of what occurred.
  • Where exactly did the incident occur? Include building and room/area.
  • Give a detailed description of the events that occurred.
  • How long ago did the incident occur?
  • Did the suspect(s) have any weapons?
  • Where and when was the suspect last seen?
  • Which direction was the suspect headed?
  • Was the suspect on foot or in a vehicle?
  • What did the suspect(s) look like? Describe each suspect one at a time.
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age
    • Height & Weight
    • Hair Color & Length
    • Clothing
    • Glasses/Facial Hair
    • Was the suspect carrying anything?
    • Vehicle Description, Color, Make, Model, License Plate

Members of the campus community are encouraged to immediately report suspicious activity to the SUU Police Department. Crimes can be averted by the proper reporting of suspicious activity. If someone's actions are out of character and you become suspicious, call the SUU Police Department. Let us assess the situation, and if appropriate, take some action. Do not hesitate to contact us!

We also invite the reporting of physical hazards so they may be corrected to avoid personal injury or building concerns.  Please report these by calling (435) 865-8888.

When your outdoors and enjoying nature keep in mind that there are people who make the outdoors a working location for illegal activity. If you see any suspicious activity report it immediately.

There are several ways to contact our office. You can contact us by person, phone, text, email or if you choose to remain anonymous (simply leave out your email address) you can complete the form below. By text, text "PD" + your message to "32483".

Forms: Complete the respective form, save and email to

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