President Mindy Benson

Scott L Wyatt

Mindy Benson was appointed as the first vice president for Alumni and Community Relations in 2014, and now she’s the first female to serve in the presidential role for the institution. President Benson has excelled at SUU advancing through a variety of positions, including director of Student Life and Leadership and executive director of Alumni Relations.

As vice president for Alumni and Community Relations, Benson oversees Alumni Relations, Regional Services, Utah Center for Rural Health, Business Resource Center and Small Business Development Center, Southern Utah Museum of Art, and Larry H. Miller Utah Summer Games. She’s responsible for a variety of community outreach projects, alumni engagement, workforce development, economic growth, community leadership trainings and special events.

During her time at SUU, her primary focus has been to connect and engage with institutional stakeholders who are often overlooked. Benson has strengthened the University's ties to its alumni network, along with creating deep and lasting relationships with community members and leaders in rural Utah. She is also actively involved in the community and region by serving on the Cedar City Historic Downtown Economic Development Committee, Bryce Canyon National History Association Board, SUU’s Community Advisory Board and Rocky Vista University Executive Advisory Council.

Along with her University responsibilities, she is a professional event consultant and planner, with experience producing hundreds of productions, concerts, events and political inaugurations nationally. She is a Cedar City native whose ties to the University go back generations. Benson earned her bachelor’s degree in zoology and her master’s in communication from Southern Utah University.