Mission & Vision of Southern Utah University

Carillion Tradition

Our Mission:

Southern Utah University is a dynamic teaching and learning community that engages students in experiential education leading to personal growth, civic responsibility, and professional excellence.

Approved by Trustees 06/24/2016

Our Vision:

Southern Utah University will receive national recognition for its innovations in learning, student success, and providing the best educational experience in the intermountain west.

Approved by Trustees 06/24/2016

Our Core Themes:


SUU explores diverse ideas, disciplines, skills, cultures, and places.


SUU creates intentional and transformative learning experiences.


SUU excels through a commitment to high‐quality outcomes and student achievement.

Approved by Trustees 06/24/2016

Student Painting

In order to fulfill its mission, SUU will:

Increase opportunities for the SUU learning community to explore complex problems and sense of purpose in the region, nation, and world.
  • Support student learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting.
  • Help students, faculty, and staff understand and appreciate varied perspectives and ideas.
  • Expand and support collaborative partnerships for learning.
Engage students, faculty, and staff in practices that lead to meaningful learning.
  • Provide students with the fundamentals of a modern Liberal Education.
  • Provide students with opportunities to design their own learning experiences, connect learning across disciplines, and apply learning to new contexts.
  • Optimize SUU’s educational, physical, technological, informational, financial, and human resources to maximize learning.
Foster intellectual and creative engagement within the SUU campus community.
  • Enhance student learning environments by integrating teaching, scholarly, and creative efforts.
Lead students, faculty, and staff to successful professional and educational outcomes.
  • Increase student retention and graduation rates.
  • Increase the number of students pursuing post‐graduate opportunities.
  • Support faculty and staff in achieving their professional and personal goals.
Prepare students for responsible citizenship in their communities and countries.
  • Involve students in practices that lead to higher participation rates in community service and democratic processes throughout their lives.
Help students develop lives of purpose, fulfillment, and wellness.
  • Develop students that are lifelong learners that live fulfilled lives.

Approved by Trustees 06/24/2016

Strategic Plan: 2016-22