Southern Utah Museum of Art

Current Exhibits

In keeping with SUMA's mission, "to exhibit, collect, and preserve historic and contemporary works of art significant to the interior American West," the exhibitions at SUMA will include a wide variety of subject and art forms. Several individual galleries will allow SUMA to host traveling exhibits from around the world, a special collection of the work of Utah artist Jimmie Jones, and feature rotating exhibits from the permanent collections. During the academic year, SUMA will regularly exhibit work of Southern Utah University’s Art and Design students and faculty.

July 7 - August 19, 2017 - Chasing Light: Plein Air Festival and Sale

Presented by SUMA and Cedar Breaks National Monument

Image: "Cathedral Mountain" by Valerie Orlemann

Fifteen of the region’s top plein air painters painted at Cedar Breaks, as well as other favorite southern Utah locations, from July 2 to July 6, 2017. The work each artist created during that week will be on display and for sale in SUMA July 8 - August 19.

Visit the Chasing Light Artist Biographies page to learn more about each of the fifteen selected artists.

The selected artists for this festival include:


May 9 - September 1, 2017 - SUMA Education Exhibition

The SUMA Education Exhibit celebrates and reflects on the numerous educational programs offered in SUMA’s first year of operation. In partnership with the Garth and Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History, artsFUSION, and the Beverley Center for the Arts, thousands of area students have participated in creative activities within our new space. Displayed in the gallery are examples of student artworks created through these activities, as well as information about how to become involved in the future. 


August 1-21 - Paths Linked & Lived: A Community Quilt Project

There are infinite dimensions to each of us. How we define ourselves is built by both our personal identity and our relations to others in our community, whether that is a family, a school, a workplace, or the place where we live. This GOPR0170.jpgproject celebrates how our paths weave together to form vibrant communities.

The SUMA Pathfinders: New Territories exhibit displays works by artists who blaze their own trails; this lesson encourages visitors of all ages to consider where they’ve come from, where they’re going, and who has helped them at every turn. The quilt squares completed as part of the project will be displayed together, paths visually connecting, to create an inspiring Community Quilt. This project was designed by Jamie Louthan, a current SUU Art & Design student.



June 30 – August 26, 2017 - Pathfinders: New Territories

Image: "The Ancient Beginning of the New World" by VAYLA

Everything In Between: Arts Quilts, Fabric Collage and Embroidery is a national, juried art quilt exhibition. This year's theme is Pathfinder: New Territories. The art quilts, fabric collages and embroideries in this exhibit are selected from over 122 artist applications from all over the United States. These pieces show amazing creativity and use a variety of design techniques and material. Visit the  Pathfinders: New Territories webpage for more information about this exhibit.

The selected artists for  Pathfinders: New Territories include the following individuals:

Betsy Abbott

Margaret Abramshe

B.J. Adams

Linda Anderson

Pat Budge

Erica Carter

Shannon M. Conley

Vicki Conley

Gabriele DiTota

Marian Eason

Kristine Eberhard


Aileyn Ecob

Deborah Fell

Paula Giovanini-Morris

Debra Goley

Barbara Oliver Hartman

Yunhwa Jang

Nancy Lemke

Niraja Lorenz

Salley Mavor

Susan McBride Gilgen

Lea McComas

Anne Munoz

Margaret Noah

Linda Oszajca

Karen Post

Kathleen Russu

Maya Schonenberger

Bonnie Smith

Paula Straw

Vivien Wise