Current Exhibitions 


Observations: People and Stories Visualized by Stewart Seidman

May 8 - July 10, 2021

Stewart Seidman grew up in Brooklyn, New York and like most of his friends, he loved sports. When he wasn’t playing baseball or boxing, he was drawing, often creating portraits of his friends’ favorite athletes. This early demonstration of his artistic talent was recognized by his friends and father, who provided Stewart with admiration and encouragement.

Now living in St. George, he offers a unique point of view, observing and painting a variety of subjects and images that capture his interest. Stewart’s paintings are expressive, emotionally charged, imaginative, and full of powerful messages that convey a story to the viewer in a decorative and sometimes amusing manner. The technique is striking and expressive, with energy, emotion, and passion that brings wonder and joy to the viewer.


Michael Lawrence: The Arena of Sensation

May 8 - July 10

Rocki Alice Gallery

“By making painting and sculpture, I make myself; I am creating me, or my own sense of me. My sense of art is in the arena of sensation”  - Michael Lawrence

To Lawrence, the true adventure of painting lies within the heart and mind.  Lawrence’s method for creating paintings—like the ones included in this exhibition —is fluid and forgiving; he begins with a basic, dynamic sketch before intuitively selecting bright colors to push about with his paintbrush against the canvas. 

Enter the arena of sensation as you explore the life and paintings of Michael Lawerence, through this student-curated exhibition from our permanent collection.