Encounter Korea

October 13 - December 29, 2018 

Korean artists have arrived in the international art world in recent years with a voice that resonates across both East and West. The Korean art scene has emerged from the traditions of its history to now reflect a world of connectivity and technology. It is a country that has broken out of agrarian-Confucian lifestyle to showcase a new attitude in the 21st century through its are and modern culture. These artists reflect the way South Korea wants to project its image onto the world.
This exhibition brings together a group of Korean American and Korean artists, based in Los Angeles and in South Korea, to highlight the technical mastery and conceptual finesse of artists from their culture. Many of the artists in this exhibition express the delicacies and emotions of everyday life through different methods and media.
The Southern Utah Museum of Art, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, is excited to share the work of contemporary Korean artists with our local community. This exhibition highlights a variety of aspects through contemporary practice, ranging from painting to new media, as viewed through a Korean lens.
The seven artists displaying works include: 

Jung Uk Yang (South Korea, b. 1982)
Turtle Do Not Know Our Weekend, 2014
Wood, motor, thread, LED, 290x160x290 cm
Loan from artist, 2018