Kate Starling: A Study of Scale

Kate Starling: A Study of Scale

May 11 — July 27

Kate Starling is an oil painter who lives and works in the canyons of southern Utah. Having earned a degree in geology, she spent years working outside as a geologist and National Park ranger. After formal academic art training from 1988-1995, she devoted her work to painting the landscape. Educated in the importance of painting directly from observation, she has spent years painting outside, learning the way light plays on the land. Now she splits her time between the roadways and trails surrounding her home and studio.  



Karl Momen: Homage to William Shakespeare

May 11 — October 5 

Richard III, 1996 by Karl MomenKarl Momen is a Swedish painter and sculptor who is best known as the creator of the epic 87-foot Metaphor: The Tree of Utah sculpture, located adjacent to Interstate 80 in the stark Bonneville Salt Flats region of Utah. Inspired by master of Surrealism, Max Ernst, as well as Europe’s foremost architect, Le Corbusier, Momen’s work is rooted in the visual language of formalism, emphasizing simplistic compositions, color, and symbolism. In his Homage to William Shakespeare suite, from the late 1990s, he was able to synthesize his passion for operatic and dramatic literature, with his love of the musical equivalent of these forms.

Image Credit: Richard III, 1996