Admission and Auditions

If you are interested in becoming a Theatre Arts or Dance major, you must first apply and be accepted to Southern Utah University. Applications for admission to SUU are available through the Admissions Office. Once admitted to the University certain degree programs may have additional requirements, these requirements are listed below by degree.

BA/BS Theatre Arts or Theatre Arts Education

At this time students interested in pursuing either the BA or BS in Theatre Arts or Theatre Arts Education are not required to audition to join the program. Students should simply declare their desired program when applying to the university. Scholarship application form

BA/BS Dance or Dance Education

The Dance Program is committed to students’ health and wellbeing, as well as their artistic and personal development. Therefore, students must complete a placement audition to adequately begin their progression of dance techniques.
The Dance Faculty will be accepting dance placement and scholarship video auditions for the 2021-22 academic year. Interested High School Seniors or Transfer students are asked to complete the following form by Saturday, March 13, 2021
Those auditioning will share contact information and submit a headshot as well as video recordings of themselves 1) answering questions by the faculty and 2) demonstrating movement material as taught through video tutorials. Audition results will be shared by Saturday, March 20th, 2021.

Please contact Jacque at 435-586-7746 or if you have questions.

BFA Theatre Arts

Students interested in pursuing any of the BFA Theatre Arts emphasis are required to audition. While the department prefers in-person interviews, video submissions are also allowed. To maintain integrity and student focus within the degree, each emphasis will only admit a certain number of students each year. The department has chosen to use Acceptd as a means of organizing audition information and to host video submissions, there is also an audition fee which you will pay when you register through Acceptd. All students applying for admission to the BFA program are automatically considered for department scholarships, a separate audition is not required.

Application Requirements for all BFA Theatre Arts:

  • Acceptd Application (Includes Audition Fee:  Live Audition Fee $10 / Video Audition Fee $30)
  • BFA Auditions will be virtual over Zoom for 2021-2022

  •        Once you have submitted your ACCEPTD application you will receive a link to schedule your Zoom audition time
    • Auditions dates are:

    o   January 16th – all emphases

    o   January 30th – all emphases (except Design/Tech)

    o   February 13th - all emphases

    o   February 27th - all emphases (except Design/Tech)

     Typical audition schedules are: (Mountain Standard Time)

    9:30 am – Zoom discussion about the program - Parents are welcome to attend and ask questions

    10:00 am – Zoom auditions or interviews begin

    11:30 am – 1:00 pm Callbacks if necessary

     After the Q&A with faculty at 9:30 am, you will be called to a breakout room with faculty to perform your audition. Current students and a stage manager will be in the audition waiting room with you to answer further questions or to talk to you about student life at SUU.

     Audition windows are about 5 minutes for performers and 30 minutes for Design/Tech interviews.

     You may be called back later in the day if the faculty would like to take additional time to work with you. You will be notified by text or email depending on your preferred method of communication – and a time will be provided. Please understand that a callback is not a guarantee of admission, and not being called back is not a notice of denial of admission. You will receive a communication if a callback is necessary or not.

Musical Theatre Emphasis Requirements:

  • Headshot
  • One (1) Shakespeare VERSE monologue- no more than one (1) minute
  • One (1) 32-Bar cut of a Musical Theatre song that shows your range- no more than one (1) minute
  • One (1) Contemporary monologue- no more than one (1) minute
  • With your audition time link you will also receive a link to submit your dance video

    • A link to an unlisted YouTube video will be provided for instruction and formatting for the dance combinations
    • You may sign up for an audition time before uploading your dance video, but the dance videos must be submitted before your audition

Classical Acting Emphasis Requirements:

  • Headshot
  • One (1) Shakespeare VERSE monologue- no more than one (1) minute
  • One (1) Contemporary monologue- no more than one (1) minute

Theatre Design and Technology Requirements:

  • One (1) portfolio of your work showing between 3-5 projects that showcase your abilities and talents

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose required for the degree is a short, two to three page document that describes yourself, hobbies, interests as well as strengths and weaknesses both within and outside of theatre, career aspirations, why you want to pursue a BFA degree in theatre, and, if you have a reason, why SUU. Please make the document honest, do not try to write something you think we want to hear. We want an honest assessment of where you see yourself and your place so we can make sure we select the best people for the training we offer here.

University Application Requirements

You are required to apply and be accepted to the university in addition to the Theatre Arts BFA program. We recommend you apply through Acceptd as soon as possible after receiving acceptance from the university. In order for us to confirm your audition date and time you need have at least applied to the university.

Declare your major as BS or BA Theatre Arts when you apply to the university.

Applications for admission to SUU are available through the Admissions Office.

Audition Deadlines:

ACCEPTD application deadline: one week before audition

Live Audition Dates:

Southern Utah University (Cedar City, UT) 2021 TBA

Live Audition Format:

Performance BFA candidates will schedule an audition date through the Acceptd application, the department will contact you after you apply to schedule a time. After each individual audition time there will be a short interview session. After all students have had their private audition there will be a one hour masterclass and movement group class, please bring clothes to move in.

Design and Technical BFA candidates will schedule an interview date through the Acceptd application, the department will contact you about an interview time. During the interview you will meet with the faculty to discuss your portfolio, goals and the program in general, interviews typically last one half hour.

Video Audition Format:

If you cannot attend a live audition you may upload audition material through the Acceptd application website. State your name and pieces you are performing at the beginning of your first uploaded monologue. Record each audition piece individually and label them as “mono1,” “mono2,” and “song” (if required). Record your video in a way that we can see your face clearly, but also so we can see your physical interpretation of your monologue or song. Waist up is typically best.

  1. Song Tips
    • Do not sing a cappella. Use tracks or live accompanist.
    • Sing something that best shows your talent and range.
  2. Monologue Tips
    • Do not use props, sets, dialect, or costumes.
    • Make sure the piece is age appropriate.

Acceptd Application:

Get started with your Acceptd Application. Please email with any questions.