Theatre Arts & Dance Mission Statement

Randall L. Jones TheatreOur mission is to provide a nurturing and challenging educational environment through a rich diversity of theatre and dance disciplines, techniques, technologies and productions. Central to our focus as a department is superior teaching and personalized mentoring; our classroom encompasses the studio, the stage, and the technical laboratory.

The goal of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance is to:

Foster academic excellence through development of programs that meet national standards

  • Promote quality personnel with expertise in their areas of teaching
  • Enhance the cultural and aesthetic experience of our campus, community and region through quality productions, leadership, and service learning
  • Embrace a standard of artistic excellence, which is enhanced by a strong professional link with the internationally recognized Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • Create widespread visibility through our active participation with the ACDA, KCACTF, USITT, URTA, ATHE, UTA and other professional/educational organizations
  • Prepare students for successful transfer to graduate or conservatory programs or to pursue professional careers in the theatre and dance performance, theatre and dance education or allied fields

Department Learning Outcomes

 Students will:

  • Comprehend how the techniques and practices of theatre arts and dance are used for creative thought and artistic expression
  • Execute basic production processes in the areas of acting, dance, stage direction, choreography, design, and the necessary technical operations related to production
  • Acquire knowledge of diverse historical and multi-cultural dimensions and traditions of theatre arts and dance
  • Formulate assessments of quality, both creatively and critically, in works of theatre, dance and other related art forms