Department of Theatre Arts and Dance

Dance Major  

Our purpose is to foster academic and artistic excellence in a nurturing and challenging educational environment. Within a liberal arts and science tradition, the dance experience at SUU engages students in a rich diversity of experiences aimed to cultivate their aesthetic, creative, and scholarly potential. Central to our purpose is superior teaching and personalized mentorship that empowers and transforms the learner.

Dance Objectives

A successful student will:

  • Have a working knowledge of how principles of composition are used as tools for choreography
  • Understand basic production processes (i.e. performing, dancing, choreographing, and sound editing)
  • Have a working knowledge of the historical development of dance as an art form
  • Examine perspectives of critical analysis of the artistic process and aesthetics
  • Have a working knowledge of human movement and anatomy
  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in modern dance or ballet and an intermediate level in modern dance or ballet