Reconnect with SUU

Are you returning from a leave of absence or deferment?

If you filled out a deferment form, our office will reach out to you as it nears the return semester indicated on your deferment form to ensure a smooth transition back into the university. Below are a few additional things to consider when returning to SUU:

  • Make an appointment with your Student Success Advisor to build a schedule, declare/change your major if needed, and ensure you are on the right track towards graduation. Please contact (435) 586-5420 or visit the Academic Advising website for more assistance.
  • Apply for FAFSA if you are entering a different academic year from the semester you withdrew from. Please contact (435) 586-7735 or visit the Financial Aid website for further assistance.
  • If you deferred a scholarship prior to your absence, contact the Financial Aid office at (435) 586-7735 to ensure you are still eligible for it upon return. All students are encouraged to apply for private or institutional scholarships.
  • Please meet with our Financial Wellness office to make a financial game plan to help you stay on top of your finances! Contact (435) 865-8436 or visit the Financial Wellness website for more information.
  • Feel free to utilize our Career Center that exists to help students with resume building, mock interviews, and landing a job! That definitely helps with miscellaneous expenses. Please contact (435) 586-5420 or visit the Career Center website for further assistance.
  • If you are overcoming educational difficulties and looking for accommodations for individual disabilities, please contact our Disability Support Center at (435) 865-8022 or visit the Disability Services website for more information.
  • Secure housing by visiting our on-campus housing website or our off-campus housing sheet.