Grace A. Tanner Center

Dinner & Dialogue

Dear SUU Students,

The Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values invites students to join us in our Tanner Center Dinner and Dialogue events. These student-focused events are designed to get you talking about a new and interesting topic. Each Dinner and Dialogue will tie into a panel discussion or lecture that happens earlier in the day. We invite you to join us in those events as well. Below is a list of dates with a link to reserve your spot for Dinner and Dialogue. The event is completely free and open to all students. Remember to register quickly because there few spots available. Have a nice dinner as well as gain new insight about the world in which we live.

Fall 2018 Dinner and Dialogues

Make sure you go reserve your spot quickly. Spots are limited and will go fast so don't miss your chance to learn and interact with our guest speakers and other intellectual students.

-- Dr. Danielle Dubrasky
Director, Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values