Grace A. Tanner Center

Tanner Center Talks

In keeping with the goal of the center, to encourage maximum exposure of students, faculty, and the larger community to the ideas which best exemplify the human condition and the values which help to define it, the Tanner Center has expanded O.C. Tanner's legacy at SUU into a yearlong series of events called Tanner Center Talks. The Tanner Center supports events and speakers related to humanities and human values throughout campus, and in cooperation with other groups such as the School of Business and the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA).

Featured Speakers - Spring 2018

The format of these events can vary to include panel discussions, lectures, or mealtime conversations which relate to a annual theme. The 2017 events have been inspired by "The Danger of a Single Story" a Ted Talk by Chimamanda Adichie.

Specifically the Tanner Center cosponsors the yearly distinguished faculty lecturer with APEX. This faculty lecturer is selected by a committee established by the Faculty Senate. The 2018 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Ravi Roy will deliver his lecture January 28th, 2018, on "Rebuilding Public Trust and Democratic Governance: The great political paradox."

The Tanner Center also sponsors a monthly Dinner and Dialogue, an opportunity for students to discuss topics pertaining to human values with regional guest scholars and faculty experts. Dinner and Dialogue is free and open to all students through a registration link.

View the Tanner Center 2018 Event Schedule.