Getting Involved: How to Start Volunteering in College

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Volunteering in collegeEvery freshman should live by the motto “try everything” as they start college. And there is so much to try! College life is about so much more than sitting in your dorm all day after you’ve done your homework. You should be getting out there and finding ways you can get involved with your campus and your community by volunteering in college.

At Southern Utah University, there are so many ways for students to put themselves out there and really embrace this new experience. A lot of the things you do in college are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and your involvement with volunteer work around your college campus and the community can make a huge difference both in your life and the lives of others. SUU provides several ways for students to get involved around campus and gain personal development through each activity. Sign up or apply for any of the following volunteer opportunities to make an impact today!

Volunteer Opportunities at SUU

After School Sports

Studies show that students who participate in a variety of after-school activities have high attendance and graduation rates, as well as lower course failure rates. Many volunteer programs are designed to help young students achieve academic success by helping them get involved in after-school sports programs. Often, participants will meet with SUU sports and dance teams for physical enrichment exercises. For more information about how to participate in after-school recreation in Cedar City, visit the Cedar City Sports and Recreation webpage.

Alternative Breaks

The Alternative Breaks program has taken SUU students around Utah, the United States, and even the world! Participants travel over spring or winter break, or you can opt to go on a Mini-Break over a weekend to volunteer at a community in need. Whether it be teaching children, assisting with disaster cleanup, or delivering humanitarian supplies, there is something everyone can do to pitch in and change a life. Travel prices usually range from $450-$900 (or $5-$35 for Mini-Breaks) depending on location, however, financial assistance is available to participants.

HOPE Pantry

The HOPE (Helping Our People Eat) Pantry is the host of the monthly Bread and Soup Nite at SUU. This event involves live entertainment as well as all-you-can-eat bread and soup to support SUU students who need assistance acquiring food. The best part? The only price for Bread and Soup Nite is donating non-perishable food items to the pantry! If you are a student who needs nutritional assistance, you can visit the pantry up to once a week to obtain the food you need (across the street from the Music Building). Lend a hand to your fellow students by volunteering with the HOPE Pantry.

Days For Girls

Days for Girls creates reusable feminine hygiene kits to send to girls in developing countries so that they can stay in school! The program has spread across the country and sends packages worldwide. For more information about the vision and goals of visit Days For Girls International. Learn more or sign up for Days For Girls at SUU by emailing

Teach Elementary Students

There are several opportunities for SUU students to get involved with young minds in Cedar City. With Paiute Center Tutoring, volunteers are able to tutor young students (mostly read with them) as well as aid them in other aspects of their education. Speaking of reading, participate in storytime with SUU Discover: A Book Is More Than Its Cover, where volunteers read to children at the Cedar City Public Library.

Get your groove on with Wee Be Groovin’, an after-school dance program that works with the children of East Elementary, or volunteer with its partner program, Wee Swim to help instruct swimming lessons with Head Start preschool kids. Certification is required for this program.

Learn more about how to apply to all of the above on the SUU Community Engagement Center’s service leader site.

Sub For Santa

Help give the gift of Christmas to families near you! Put together a Christmas list with Sub For Santa, make a child smile with a gift from Toys For Tots, or deliver Christmas dinner to a family in need. Spread Christmas cheer with the Iron County Holiday Assistance program.

Service Clubs

SUU offers a range of clubs promoting service and learning both on and off campus. From SAIL (Student Alliance of Interfaith Leaders) to student government (SUUSA), there are so many clubs that students can get involved with to help expand their learning capacity and personal leadership skills. For more information about SUU Service Clubs and all clubs, visit T-Bird Connection.

Be a Community Engaged Scholar

SUU’s official means for students to weave community service into their college experience is the Community Engaged Scholar Program. Complete research and projects that give back to the community!

Apply to be a Service Leader

Represent SUU through service leadership around campus and the community while leading your fellow students as a service leader! This position looks great on a resume and provides critical leadership experience for students involved. Position holders cooperate with each of the previous service opportunities and organizations, as well as coordinate events around campus. Become an SUU Service Leader today.


Start getting involved around campus and Cedar City as a freshman. Not only will you make lasting friendships and connections with those you serve and serve with, but you will also gain life skills, leadership experience, develop resume builders, and gain empathy for people around you. Build a better community with SUU and Cedar City service opportunities, and in doing so, build a better you.

For more information about how to get involved around Cedar City or how to start volunteering in college, visit the Community Engagement Center or check out the SUU Community Partners website for more ways to help. Learn more about what to expect when you serve, by reading these service etiquette and volunteer do’s and don’ts.

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