Student Resources: Non-Traditional Student Services Office

Posted: September 01, 2022 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 2 minutes

Non-Traditional Student ServicesNo matter what phase of life you’re in, Southern Utah University offers education and enrichment that will help you soar. With the assistance of the Non-Traditional Student Services Office, students returning to pursue their education have many resources readily available to help them get their degree. Every T-Bird is valued at SUU!

A student qualifies as non-traditional if they are married, divorced, widowed, or have dependent children. Additionally, you can qualify to be a non-traditional student if you have taken a gap in your education that is three years or longer or if you are 25 years old or over.

But how does the Non-Trad Student Services Office personalize your education? Along with individual attention and resource referrals on and off campus, you are eligible for financial assistance, amenities (fridge, microwave, copy/print/fax machine, coffee machine, computers, and more!), specialized activities just for non-traditional students, and the Non-Trad Student Services Office provides a quiet place to do homework or just hang out. You can also sign up for the non-traditional student newsletter to stay up to date with activities and important information.

There are also special scholarships available to non-traditional students. From housing to graduate scholarships, there is a scholarship open to cover anything you are interested in applying for. Information regarding the non-traditional student scholarships can be found on their website.

For childcare, contact the Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Hope to help with your little ones. The Center for Hope’s mission is to provide SUU student-parents with affordable on-campus childcare, a preschool lab, and as well as family and parent support. As for non-traditional students who have dependent children and need financial assistance, there is a special resource available to you. The CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents In School) grant is from the Department of Education and is meant to help subsidize the cost of child care. To determine whether you are eligible for this grant or to learn more about what it entails, visit the CCAMPIS website.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Non-Traditional Student Services Office or visit them in the Sharwan Smith Student Center, ST 172. It is never too late to start earning a college degree! Non-Traditional Student Services is here to help make the path clearer and easier as students of all ages and circumstances pursue their education.

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