Non-Traditional Student Services

Life is a balancing act for all students, but even more challenging for Non-Traditional students.  At SUU, we know you face many obstacles while attending college, including inexperience in the classroom, working, parenting, care-giving, among other obligations.  The Non-Traditional Student Center is here to help lighten your load by connecting you to resources on campus so you can realize your dream of completing your degree.

What is a Non-Traditional Student?

  • Over 25
  • Married/Widowed/Divorced
  • Have children
  • 3 or more year break in school

What can the SUU Non-Traditional Student Center do for you?

  • Personalized, individual attention
  • Streamlined process for connecting you to services on campus
  • Access to financial assistance for child care
  • Activities, events & support networks that are specifically designed for Non-Traditional students

Are you struggling to pay for school or child care?  Are you having a hard time in any of your classes?  Have you been able to balance your life responsibilities with school?  What is keeping you from achieving your goals?  Please contact us and let us help you!