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Nontraditional Student Scholarships and Financial Aid

For general SUU scholarship information, see the Scholarships Information Page. Scholarships and awards are made to a variety of eligible students. To be eligible for SUU scholarships, all students must be admitted to Southern Utah University and may be required to complete a scholarship application.

Departmental scholarships are awarded by the academic departments to deserving students. Applications for departmental scholarships are open November 1st - February 1st. More information can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

The following scholarships are specific to Non-Traditional students. All forms and scholarship information will be updated when new information becomes available. Printable instructions for Non-Traditional Scholarships


Campus Scholarship Information

The following three scholarships for non-traditional students are facilitated and managed by our office. Please contact us for more information. 
  • Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS): A grant for subsidizing the cost of childcare.
  • The Daniel's Opportunity Scholarship: A yearly scholarship for non-traditional students OR to military veterans who served active duty. Students must be a Utah resident and a citizen/permanent resident of the US, eligible to receive a Pell Grant (FAFSA), and be in good academic standing (2.6 GPA). One letter of reference from a faculty member is also required for first-time applicants. To reapply for the second year, students must have a minimum 2.8 GPA. Please contact our office for application information. 
  • The Utah Education Disadvantaged Fund Scholarship: A semesterly scholarship to enhance diversity and to provide financial assistance for financially disadvantaged students at SUU. Applications are due one month before the semester begins. Please contact our office for application information. 

The following scholarships for non-traditional students are managed by other departments or organizations.
  • Graduate Ambassador Scholarship: Cedar City-based graduate students at SUU (face-to-face or local online students) in any program can apply to become graduate ambassadors. Ambassador Application Information
  • Non-Traditional Faculty Senate Scholarship: Awarded to a student age 25 years or older, demonstrating a financial need, demonstrating scholarship or professional commitment, leadership or community service experience, and who is a sophomore, junior, or senior.
  • The Dr. W. C. Swanson Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship: Awarded to deserving rural, non-traditional, and/or minority students.
  • The Elizabeth “Bessie” Shurtz Memorial Endowment: Established and funded by Dr. Alex and Bessie Oblad in memory of Mrs. Oblad's mother. Scholarships are awarded to worthy female students from southern Utah of junior or senior standing.
  • The Roy W. and Elizabeth E. Simmons Scholarship: Awarded to a single working mother with at least one child at home who demonstrates a financial need and maintains at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • The Scott M., Ruth C. and Lois Urie Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to working students, covers one-half tuition and fees. The student cannot be receiving additional scholarship support.
  • The Florine H. Major Family Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior student from the Department of Education. The student selected would preferably be a single parent who shows extraordinary promise as a teacher.
  • The Jason Ted Jensen Scholarship: Awarded to a student in the College of Education who is obtaining a teaching certificate, and who has displayed a sincere desire to learn and who would possibly not otherwise have the opportunity. The selected student should display a very original approach to teaching and life and have the desire to better the education system through their attitude and service to their profession.
  • The Jane Tripp Doran History and Literature Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to a junior or senior student majoring in History or Literature. Student preferred to be a single mother with at least one child living in the home, or a female student, and also to a student who has not previously graduated nor holds a degree in any other discipline.
  • The Georgia Beth Thompson Scholarship: Funded by Georgia Beth and the late Richard Thompson, this scholarship is awarded to non-traditional students (primarily women) enrolled as social science majors.
  • The Hal K. and Joan D. Campbell Music Scholarship: Awarded tovan outstanding student in music, with preference to a married student supporting a child at home.
  • The Jane Tripp Doran Theatre Scholarship Endowment: Awarded to a junior or senior student majoring in Theatre. Student preferred to be a single mother with at least one child living in the home or a female student, and also to a student who has not previously graduated nor holds a degree in any other discipline.
  • The Dennis Stowell Memorial Scholarship:  $1000 annually awarded to a student majoring in Integrated Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering. This student must be a non-traditional student, junior or senior, with financial need who is not receiving full PELL Grant or other funding. The student should be from a rural area in southern Utah, with first preference going to a student from the Utah District 28, the area which Dennis Stowell served as a Utah Senator.

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