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Ashlee Winterrose ('07)

Ashlee Winterrose ('07)
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Originally published on August 02, 2016.

A difficult home life combined with bullying at school, AshLee Winterrose was being forced to grow up quickly. It was all too much, so she dropped out in the 9th grade.

“As a child most of my world was out of my control and not what I wanted it to be,” explained AshLee. “I think that those years made such an impression on me that sympathizing and wanting to improve life for other children was a destined result. When it came to choosing my profession, teaching seemed to be the most superhero job there was.”

Beginning her college education studying elementary education, AshLee’s love of children grew with passionate professors and opportunities to teach in classrooms in Cedar City and inner-city Las Vegas. One professor in particular was Merlene Ellington, who AshLee said was “a hands on teacher, her classes were filled with action and activity and modeled so much of the teacher I wanted to be.”

As AshLee’s education continued she was faced with uncertainty, was education the right path? Deciding to go to a convocation with an educator speaking, she was inspired by his words. By the end of the evening’s program she knew being an educator would allow her to make a true difference.

She said, “This decision to be a teacher was more than a profession, it was my purpose.”

Her first year teaching, she barreled forward, determined her students wouldn’t suffer because she was rookie. Her ferocity and dedication led to her being awarded the ACE Award representing her school at the District Awards Ceremony.

Struggling to support her family financially, AshLee started looking at other ways to compliment her teaching experience but also her children, this is when Hide-a-boo was born in September 2015. Focusing on the importance of play in early childhood she teamed up with creative family members to create interactive toys and accompanying teachables that she designed to layer in learning and support to parents in their efforts to engage with their children in meaningful and playful ways.

AshLee said, “This future is just beginning. I know there is so much more that will build from the experiences I gained on that campus in Cedar City.”

AshLee graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. Learn more about the education program.