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Helena Looser ('18)

Helena Looser ('18)
SUU to Pinterest

Originally published on December 06, 2018.

Before coming to Southern Utah University, Switzerland native Helena Looser had never been to the United States. She fell in love with photos of Utah’s landscape and when she heard about SUU through a Facebook group for international students, she decided to explore the opportunities at SUU.

Like any student, Helena faced obstacles; but she had to work especially hard to overcome the unique challenges that face any international student. By immersing herself in university clubs and making friends, Helena was able to overcome her homesickness, found a job on campus and learned the area’s culture.

Helena’s professors, especially Dr. Matt Barton, professor of communications, and Mindy Benson, vice president of alumni and community relations, were a huge help during her time at SUU.

“Dr. Barton is such an amazing teacher and mentor,” said Helena. “He pushed me to give my best, and Mindy Benson not only gave me the great opportunity to learn all about event management, but also helped me greatly in my personal life.”

SUU’s reputation for a quality education and the breathtaking landscape inspired Helena to pursue a bachelor's degree in communication at SUU, a degree that led her to a position with Pinterest as a strategic account manager.

At Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media companies in the world, Helena manages more than 90 organizations who are advertising on the platform. Her main priority is to optimize client’s campaign performance by tracking and analyzing their data.

“SUU helped me find a career path I want to follow. If you want to attend a school where teachers and others care about you, then go to SUU!”

Visit the SUU’s Communication program website for more information.