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Landon Haslem ('14)

Landon Haslem ('14)
SUU to American Heart Association

Originally published on June 05, 2019.

After earning his associates degree Ladon Haslem transferred to Southern Utah University to take advantage of the excellent chemistry program and the scholarship opportunities offered by the university. 

While at SUU, Landon received support and encouragement from his professors. They were invested in his success and were always available to discuss the subject matter as well as his personal interests.

“I can’t talk enough about the chemistry program,” said Landon. “The faculty really valued my education, and I feel like they really cared.” 

As he was working towards his degree, Landon was also busy starting a young family. Juggling work, studies and family life is always difficult but Landon said that SUU helped him find academic success. “Professors were always accommodating and helpful not just with class, but life in general.”

Besides the supportive environment, Landon found SUU to be a place that challenged and prepared him for the next step in his life: entering medical school. “SUU helped me develop an analytical mindset and help me desire to see the complete picture. That’s really important in medical school.”  

After graduating, Landon received a fellowship from the American Heart Association. This funded his medical education, research on cardiovascular diseases and living expenses. 

Landon is currently researching a group of proteins and how they affect heart attacks and strokes. The end goal of his research is to be able to inhibit these proteins and improve heart attack outcomes. “I love being the first person to make an important discovery. For at least a few moments, you are the only person on Earth to know the impact of what you are studying.”

“I use what I learned at SUU all the time for the research I'm doing right now.” While continuing his research, Landon is currently working towards his MD Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma.