College Readiness

Now that you have committed to coming to SUU, there is so much to be done to prepare your student and yourself for the transition. Check back here as we continually update our page with helpful information and tools for you and your student.

Congrats! Your student has been enrolled at SUU! Now What?

A great thing to do is to keep a calendar with the important college dates on it such as Thunder U orientation, first day of classes, fall break, thanksgiving break, finals, etc. These important dates you can find on the Academic Calendar. You can always add to the calendar for when your student schedules a Personalized Visit (PV) with their ACE, Parent & Family Weekend, Career Fairs, etc.  

Things to do:

  • Keep a Calendar for important college dates. Check out our academic calendar here.
  • Plan a 2nd visit to the school. Personalized visits will help your student get to know their class schedule and other resources. Plan a personalized visit with us.
  • Communicate openly with your student about what needs to be done, what they are excited about and what they are nervous about.


Academic calendar 

Personalized Visits


A summer to remember!

This summer is all about celebrating, enjoying the time of life your student is in. This is also a good time to let them develop their independence.

Things to do:

  • Celebrate them.
  • Family time
  • Family Vacations
  • Game nights
  • Give more freedoms while still checking in
  • Start guiding from the sidelines.
  • Give them more responsibilities



Money Talks!

Does your student know how much college is going to cost them? Have they thought about a budget? Who will be paying for their college expenses? Will they be working through the summer to save for college?

Things to do:

  • Sit down with your student and create a budget.
  • Highlight what you will help with and what they will need to cover on their own.
  • How will they be covering their share?
  • Help them find a job for the fall semester.


Financial Wellness

Financial Aid

Tuition Rates 

How to apply for FAFSA