Department of Music

Satellite Salon Series

When Dr. Lynn Vartan started her position at Southern Utah University, she wanted to bring her musical world closer to her students in Cedar City, Utah. Her desire to merge these worlds manifested itself in the launching of her Satellite Salon Series. This unique concert series happens twice a year, in September and January at SUU, and brings in a guest artist for a small residency for the weekend. As the series has developed, Dr. Vartan has often added a visual artist to the event to participate in the merging of multiple arts on stage live for the audience. Typically, on Thursday or Friday the artist gives a masterclass to the both university and high school students, followed by a Q & A session led by Dr. Vartan, in the style of “Inside the Actor’s Studio." The dynamic, collaborative Satellite Salon concert occurs on Saturday evening at 7:30 pm. All events are free and take place in Thorley Recital Hall.

Composition Conjuring brings musical premieres to SUUComposition Conjuring

January 28, 2017

Two highly decorated musical artists, composer George Gianopoulos and singer Kathleen Roland Silverstein, will join Southern Utah University’s Associate Professor of Music, Dr. Lynn Vartan, and other Department of Music faculty members for an evening of music titled Composition Conjuring. The concert will be held at SUU in the Thorley Recital Hall on Saturday, January 28, at 7:30 pm.

Gianopoulos began studying music in college at the age of eighteen and quickly became an accomplished musician and composer. His music has been performed throughout Europe, America, and China. Gianopoulos has been commissioned to write music for renowned professional companies, such as The Glendale Philharmonic, The Helix Collective, and The Chamber Opera Players of Los Angeles. He is currently the composer-in-residence for the Los Angeles based Symbiosis Ensemble.

Silverstein is a Fulbright senior scholar and an assistant professor of applied music and performance (voice) at Syracuse University in New York. She has been a featured singer at many music festivals across the country, including the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival and the Tanglewood Music Festival. In the last year, Silverstein has performed in New York and San Diego, as well as internationally in Australia, Sweden, Vietnam, Cambodia and Germany. She is also the author of a musical anthology titled Romanser: 25 Swedish Art Songs with Guide to Lyric Diction.

Composition Conjuring will feature the musical compositions of Gianopoulos. The evening will include a world premiere performance of Gianopoulos’ composition “The Bells”, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s poem with the same name, by Silverstein and Dr. Vartan. The first live performance of Gianopoulos’ vocal composition “Motet” will also be performed by Silverstein and five members of SUU’s voice faculty. Pianist Dr. Christian Bohnenstengel, Assistant Professor of Music (piano), and flautist Candice Behrmann will also be featured during the concert.

(written by Lola Taylor)