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These links provide program requirement worksheets for specific music programs. If you have any questions, please contact the CPVA academic advisor.

Refer to the General Catalog for more information.

Institutional policy on credit:

Grades and Credit in the Academic Catalog

Formulas for assigning credit in music:

Academic music courses follow the institutional policy regarding awarding of credit. Applied music courses and music ensembles fall within the parameters outlined in the policy, though contact hours and hours outside of class vary. Academic courses per policy require 40-45 hours of time between contact and outside work per credit.

Individual Applied Music Instruction: Applied music sections of one credit have 25 minutes (equivalent to .5 class period) of contact per week, with expected outside work of 3 hours per week or more for 12 weeks of the semester. Applied music sections of two credits have 50 minutes (equivalent to one class period) of contact per week with expected outside work of 6 hours per week or more for 12 weeks of the semester.

Music Ensembles: All music ensembles are listed as 1 credit and meet from two to four hours per week. While the 2-hour class is slightly under the time requirement, and the 4-credit class is slightly over the time requirement, they round out to 1 credit. Credit hour assignments approximate NASM recommendations* for ensemble credits.

*NASM guidelines recommend a 3:1 ratio for ensembles. Three contact hours equal one ICH. We round out the decimals. An ensemble with 2 contact hours equals .67 ICH, rounding up to 1 credit. An ensemble with 4 contact hours equals 1.33 ICH, which rounds down to 1 ICH.