Services available through STIL

Passport Sound System

  • A portable speaker system that can be used for music and announcements
  • Includes a microphone and cable for iPod connection
  • Only registered student clubs and organizations can use the Passport.

Buy/Sell/Rent Boards

  • Located in the hallway west of the Living Room in the Sharwan Smith Center
  • All items are to be displayed on cards supplied by our office
  • A 4x6 picture may be included and attached to the card

Conference Table

  • Located in the back office of the student Involvement & Leadership Office, ST Room 177
  • Includes a long table with maximum 10 seats

Conference Room

  • Located in the Student Involvement & Leadership Office, ST Room 177k
  • Includes a round table with maximum 10 seats
  • Includes a white board for presentations


  • The Passport, Conference Room, and Conference Table may be reserved for free at the Student Involvement & Leadership Office.
  • Reservations can be in our office.
    • Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm
    • Office Phone: 435-586-7762
    • Location: ST 177, right across from the SUUSA Office.
  • All information for the Buy/Sell/Rent Boards must be approved and posted in this office.