Faculty/Staff Study Abroad Resources

Faculty and staff can get involved with the Office of Learning Abroad in a number of different ways! This includes promoting and supporting study abroad efforts on SUU campus, leading SUU students through programs abroad, and other opportunities. Learn more about how to get involved below or contact the Office of Learning Abroad directly for more information.

  • To schedule a class visit from one of our student workers, contact learningabroad@suu.edu.  Our student workers can explain what study abroad programs are available and answer any questions students might have. Faculty are also invited to share THIS study abroad introduction video. 
  • Through the Global Engagement Academy, SUU faculty and staff can enhance their understanding of international students' cultural, academic, and linguistic challenges; learn step-by-step how to build a study abroad program; be prepared to travel safely overseas; learn about professional opportunities in other countries; and more. Register today and complete modules at your own pace.
  • Once again this spring, SUU's partner university in Romania, Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, offered SUU faculty and staff the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant, which will fund travel for training or teaching in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for one week. A committee of SUU staff and faculty reviewed applications and met on February 12, 2024, to determine SUU's awardee and alternates. Congratulations to Julie Ellis, who was selected to be the SUU awardee this year. Congratulations also go to Kirsten Graham, Meagan Beesley, and Suzette Bulloch, who were selected as alternates.

Lead a Study Abroad Program

Lead a student study abroad program!  SUU faculty and staff members can organize trips for students to run over summer, spring, or winter break. Summer programs range from 2-4 weeks long and offer between 3-6 course credits. Shorter 1-week programs, called Cultural Immersions, are non-credit bearing and have subsidized program costs for students.

Staff members who do not teach courses may lead Cultural Immersion trips. Faculty members may lead either program type. Have an exciting idea for a program?  Submit a program proposal!  Access the trip proposal form and other tools and resources using the link below. 

Plan a Short-Term Study Abroad Program! 

Faculty/Staff Incentive Program 

Earn points and travel abroad! SUU faculty and staff who recruit students to study abroad can earn funding for university-related international travel through the Faculty/Staff Incentive to Study Abroad Program.

Point Scale

Point Scale: Earn 1 to 4 points to be acknowledged on the Learning Abroad website. Earn 5 to 9 points to earn a $500 international travel stipend. Earn 10-14 points to earn a $1,100 international travel stipend. Earn more than 15 points to receive a $1,800 international travel stipend or an all-expenses paid 5 day international trip on behalf of the Learning Abroad office. Travel stipends can be transformed into student study abroad scholarships upon request.

Earn and Redeem Points

When students apply for study abroad programs they are asked if any faculty or staff members encouraged them to study abroad. Faculty/staff members earn 1 point for each study abroad application they are mentioned in. If a student mentions more than one faculty/staff member in their application, then 0.5 point is awarded to each person. Students must successfully complete their study abroad experience for faculty/staff incentive points to be counted. Applications for non-credit bearing Cultural Immersion programs do not qualify for incentive points.  

Points can be redeemed by submitting this request form to Kurt Harris (harrisk@suu.edu).  Questions about the Incentive Points Program can be sent to Tayah Nelson (tayahnelson@suu.edu)

Check Your Current Point Total

Other International Opportunities

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Collaborate with SUU's Community Engagement Center to help lead week-long student humanitarian trips. More information about this opportunity is available through the CEC's website.
The Institut D'Etudes Avancées De Paris posts calls for applications periodically. They offer a wide-range of programs, from seminars to fellowships. Want to visit France?  View the current opportunities here.

The International Educators for Africa program, an initiative by the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help and the United States Agency for International Development, sends volunteer educators to countries in sub-Saharan Africa to reform and strengthen teaching. 

Those selected will teach abroad for 1 - 2 years and will receive compensation in the form of a monthly stipend, paid airfare, and provided lodging. Applicants should have 5+ years of teaching experience. Teachers of early childhood education, special education, ESL and engineering are in the highest demand. For more information, visit their website here

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers offers two different fellowship programs: the NEH Senior Research Fellowship and the Multi-Country Research Fellowship. These fellowships primarily focus on international research in the humanities and social sciences. Those interested in applying should either have their PhD or be a doctoral candidate. More information is available here.
The Terra Foundation Fellowship is offered through the American Academy of Rome. The fellowship sponsors academic research into American art and visual culture prior to the 1980s, especially as it relates to Italian-American exchanges.
Those awarded the fellowship will be expected to move to Rome for 4-6 months and will receive a stipend for housing and meals. Applicants should have a PhD. More information is available here. 

Consider taking part in either the Fulbright Scholar Program or the Fulbright Specialist Program. These programs provide faculty and staff the opportunity to conduct research, attend seminars, teach courses, and take part in other international efforts abroad. 

Faculty interested in applying for a Fulbright program should contact Dr. Kurt Harris, SUU's Campus Fulbright Representative, at harrisk@suu.edu

Go to Rome as a visiting faculty member at John Cabot University! John Cabot University invites faculty members from their partner universities to apply to teach courses (for roughly 5 weeks) over the summer in Rome. Teaching stipends are offered to accepted faculty.  

Information regarding this opportunity is sent directly to SUU's Office of Learning Abroad annually, typically around November. Those interested in learning more or applying should reach out to either Kurt Harris (harrisk@suu.edu) or Tayah Nelson (tayahnelson@suu.edu

Spend just over 2 weeks in the summer teaching at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia!

Information about this opportunity is sent directly to SUU's Office of Learning Abroad annually, typically around November. Those interested in learning more or applying should reach out to either Kurt Harris (harrisk@suu.edu) or Tayah Nelson (tayahnelson@suu.edu) .

Faculty/Staff Acknowledgements

The Office of Learning Abroad appreciates all of the support they receive from SUU! In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals for supporting students and encouraging them to become global citizens. 

  • Aaron Templin
  • Alan Hamlin
  • Ammon Harris
  • Andrea Donovan
  • Anne Smith 
  • Art Challis
  • Bree Albrecht
  • Brian Hoover
  • Britton Mace
  • Brock Landrum
  • Bryan Koenig
  • Carlos Bertoglio 
  • Chelsea Gambles
  • Christopher Graves
  • Christy Florence
  • Corey Twitchell
  • Craig Lewis
  • Daniel Hatch 
  • Daniel Swanson
  • Danielle Dubrasky 
  • David Lunt
  • David Dyches
  • David Hatch
  • Deena Marchal
  • Delane Smith
  • Donna Handley
  • Elise Leahy
  • Emalee Smith
  • Emily Dean 
  • Eric Brown
  • Garrett Strosser
  • Grant Corser
  • Hayden Coombs
  • Heather Callison
  • Heather Garcia 
  • Iliana Portaro
  • Jamie Orton 
  • Jared Wilcken
  • Jason Kaiser
  • Jason Smith
  • Jason Stinnett
  • Jean Boreen
  • Jeanne Subjack
  • Jeb Branin
  • Jeffrey Hanson
  • Jennifer Leard
  • Jim Mock
  • Jodi Corser
  • Joel Judd
  • Joel Vallet
  • John Taylor
  • Jon Smith
  • Jonathan Holiman
  • Jordan Holiman
  • Josh Stavros
  • Joy Sterrantino
  • Julia Combs
  • Julie Pynn
  • Junice Acosta
  • Kasey Shakespear
  • Katie Englert
  • Katie Evans
  • Ken Hall
  • Keri Romine
  • Kevan LaFrance
  • Kevin Stein
  • Keith Bradshaw
  • Kirk Fitzpatrick
  • Kirsten Graham
  • Kristina Thomas
  • Kyle Bishop
  • Laura Walker
  • Lauren Barker
  • Liz Olson
  • Maren Hirschi
  • Mary Pearson
  • Matt Nickerson
  • Matt Schmidt
  • Matthew Eddy
  • Michael Stathis
  • Michael Mower
  • Michael Stathis
  • Michael Ostrowsky
  • Miranda Gulber
  • Morgan Bailey 
  • Nathan McNamee
  • Nathan Slaughter
  • Nicole Mayerhofer
  • Patrick Clarke
  • Rachel Parker 
  • Ravi Roy
  • Roger Carter
  • Rosa Perez
  • Russell Wrankle
  • Ryan Paul
  • Shawn Christiansen
  • Sheridawn Nielson
  • Shobha Gurung
  • Spencer Wells
  • Stephen Wagner
  • Stephen Allen
  • Steve Barney
  • Steven Swift
  • Suzie Campbell
  • Tony Pellegrini
  • Whitney Mendoza
  • William Heyborne 

 Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us or stop by the Office of Learning Abroad in ST 169 to get answers!

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