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Short-Term Programs

Short-Term Programs generally take place over summer, spring, or winter breaks. All short-term programs are led by an SUU faculty or staff member. Summer programs range from 2-4 weeks long and offer between 3-6 course credits. Shorter 1-week programs, called Cultural Immersions, are non-credit bearing and usually have a discounted program price. Programs change year to year, going to new locations and focusing on different areas of study (i.e. Communication in Fiji and Tonga, Psychology in Greece, etc.).

Programs for the summer are typically announced and open for applications in early October. 

Program Directory: Explore Programs and Apply!


  • Deadlines to apply for Short-Term programs are:

    • Winter Programs: November 1

    • Spring Programs: December 15

    • Summer Programs: January 15 

      • Priority Summer Deadline: November 15

  • Deadlines to pay the full study abroad balance are:

    • Winter Programs: December 1

    • Spring Programs: February 15

    • Summer Programs: March 15


Minimum Requirements

  • 2.5 minimum GPA

  • 3 letters of recommendation (requested through online application)

  • Application and down payment received by January 15

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View the Students' Handbook for Short-Term Programs

Additional Information 

  • After applying, a $300 down payment will be charged to the applicant's SUU account. That same $300 will then be deducted from the total program price. 

    • Non-student participants (such as spouses) will be charged an additional $200 non-student administrative fee. 
  • After being accepted into a program, travelers will be emailed information about how to find and submit all pre-departure documents such as travel authorizations and emergency contact forms. Information regarding how to apply for scholarships will be distributed as well. 

  • Short-term programs may not be used to help a student achieve full-time student status over the summer and are not eligible for tuition-based financial aid such as FAFSA. Scholarships may still be applicable. 
  • Most program fees do not include the cost of airfare or meals.  
  • Refund Policy: After the application deadline has passed and a student has been accepted into their program, the remainder of the program fee will be charged to their SUU account. Should a student choose to withdraw from their program after this point, the application fee and any portion of the program fee that has already been spent on their behalf (at the time of their withdrawal) will remain charged to their SUU account. 

Questions?  Don't hesitate to  contact us  or stop by the Office of Learning Abroad in ST 169 to get answers!