Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors (GLAMs) gain leadership experience, have opportunities to learn about (and potentially help create) study abroad programs, work closely with exchange students currently studying at SUU, and can earn study abroad swag. The Global Ambassadors program is meant to engage students in international education and to help foster a deeper understanding and interest in global affairs. In addition to providing students with opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills, the Global Ambassadors program is designed to encourage students to become more thoughtful, intentional, and active global citizens.

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Application Requirements

Applications are typically reviewed and accepted at the start of each semester. Email with any questions. 

  • Completed application

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Good standing with the university
  • Interview (as needed)




Meet the Ambassadors

Commitments of Members

  • 10 hours of service per month, 40 per semester 

  • 2.5 GPA (Good Academic Standing)

  • Adhere to Office of Learning Abroad Policies and Code of Conduct

  • Maintain positive attitude

  • Participate in events and projects as needed

  • Attend monthly meetings

opening social

Being An Ambassador Abroad

Over the summer of 2023, our Global Ambassadors (along with a few other students from SUU's other amazing leadership teams) went to Norway to visit Kristiania University College. Kristiania University College was our newest partner school at the time. To help foster this budding relationship, our GLAMs gave a wonderful presentation about SUU and learned more about Kristiania through campus and city tours. They worked closely with representatives from Kristiania and were themselves wonderful representatives of SUU. As a result, SUU will be hosting its two first exchange students from Kristiania University College in Spring 2024. Norway is coming to SUU! 

Through their efforts both on campus and abroad, our GLAMs are bolstering study abroad programs and developing the skills and experiences that make them active global citizens and leaders. 

Global Ambassadors in Norway

Questions?  Don't hesitate to  contact us  or stop by the Office of Learning Abroad in ST 169 to get answers! 

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