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Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships provided by the Office of Learning Abroad are listed below. Students may apply for these scholarships only after they have been accepted into a study abroad program. The scholarship application form will be sent to them by the Office of Learning Abroad. Scholarships are not guaranteed and may fluctuate in value.

SUU Scholarships

  • SUU departments, colleges, and programs may offer their own study abroad scholarships; students are encouraged to inquire about these scholarships with the appropriate academic unit. Students participating in exchange programs abroad may also apply any scholarships received from SUU to the associated study abroad costs.
  • Grace A. Tanner Short-Term Study Abroad Scholarship ($500): for students who can explain how their study abroad experience will enhance their understanding of moral, artistic, intellectual, and/or spiritual values. This scholarship is sponsored by the Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values.
  • Connect Grant ($100-$500): The Gerald R. Sherratt Library recently launched the CONNECT GrantThe purpose of the CONNECT Grant program is to provide funding support to SUU undergraduate students who want to take their education beyond normal requirements and standard course work to accomplish something that is different, out-of-the-box and/or exceptional.
    • Deadlines to Apply:
      • Fall Semester - 2nd Friday in October, 2nd Friday in November
      • Spring Semester - 2nd Friday in February, 2nd Friday in March

External Scholarships 

We encourage students to look for outside sources of funding. To help get you started, please view this list of external scholarships. You can also view Additional scholarship opportunities.


You may also wish to contact local civic organizations such as Rotary, PTA, or your religious institution for independent funding possibilities.