Club Travel & Travel Requests

Disclaimer: Only University Sponsored Organizations and University Departments are eligible to submit Travel Requests, Independent Student Clubs are not eligible to submit travel requests, and will not be covered by university insurance.

Travel requests are done to show that your club is covered under SUU's insurance and verifies that you are allowed to travel on behalf of SUU. A club wanting to travel for an event can fill out a travel authorization to either get travel advances or reimbursements for their trips. If a club is wanting to travel more than 300 miles, or out of state, they must have their advisor traveling with them and the advisor must help the Club President fill out the travel request. These requests must be done at least 5 days in advance for Travel Advances and 10 days after for Travel reimbursements.

Travel Authorization System

The travel system has two expense types:

  • Out-of-pocket – Expenses paid from personal or advanced funds
  • Departmental – Expenses paid by P.O., P-Card, or interdepartmental transfers

If you are using a Motor Pool vehicle you will need to contact them. The Motor pool expense will default to a departmental type and private vehicle expense will need to be listed as either ‘gas’ or ‘mileage.’

Index and Foapal

An index points to a Foapal, which is basically the funding source you wish to use. If a club has gained or spent money, you have a club index. If you do not know what your index is, Contact: or stop by the STIL offices (Room ST177)

If you don’t have any money in your account you won't be able to spend anything and if you end up going into debt your club account will be frozen.

Travel Advances

Students are not eligible to receive Travel Advances. Advisors traveling with the club my request an advance for their own expenses, and if need be, for registration/entry fees that need to be paid in cash. All other registration/entry fees should be paid prior to the event by Purchase Order or PCard. Travel Advances are available for payment 14 days before traveling.

Travel Reimbursement

Students are eligible for Travel Reimbursement. Requests must be submitted within ten days of returning from the trip.


  • Meals are reimbursed for trips over 150 miles from departure location and are traveling for more than twelve hours.
  • No receipts are necessary if you are using the per diem rates for reimbursement.
  • If meals are provided at the event or conference, reimbursement may not be eligible.
  • Reimbursement of meals provided for guests must indicate the name and title of guest, business purpose of meal, and itemized receipt accompanied by a business Meal Certification Form.


  • Reasonable lodging will be reimbursed for actual costs if supported by an itemized receipt.
  • If the traveler elects to lodge somewhere other than a hotel/motel (e.g. family, campsite) they will be eligible for per diem of $20.00 per night. The name of person/place and address must be attached for reimbursement.


  • No receipts are necessary when using the per diem rates for reimbursement.
  • If mileage is significantly higher than mileage to/from destination please provide a statement explaining extra mileage.
  • If reimbursement is for travel with multiple destinations include a travel log that includes beginning and ending mileage for each destination.
  • Mileage to common destinations, current per diem, and mileage rates can be found by clicking on the ‘Helpful Links’ button on the reimbursement form.
  • Travel by personal vehicle can also be reimbursed at actual cost, with gas receipts attached. This typically is much easier on limited budgets.

If your club has a limited budget, it is possible to travel at personal expense and not claim reimbursements. If this is the case, travelers will still need to go through all the steps of completing a Travel Authorization and, upon returning, Reimbursement and Expense Report. The report must have an entry for all of the above categories (meals, lodging, mileage, etc.) but if the travelers do not want to claim reimbursement, or are not able to because of a limited budget, they may mark that expense as zero dollars out of pocket.