SUUSA Executive Council

The SUUSA Executive Council consists of the SUUSA President, the Vice Presidents of Academics, Clubs and Organizations, and Finance, and in ex-officio capacities, the President of the Student Programming Board.

  • The President serves as the Chair of the Student Life Enhancement Committee, may exercise veto power on any SUUSA budgets, bills, or resolutions, and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • The Vice President of Academics presides over the Student Senate and serves as a non-voting member of the Deans Council.
  • The Vice President of Clubs and Organizations chairs the Clubs and Organizations Committee and oversees all clubs and organizations on campus.
  • The Vice President of Finance chairs the Budget and Finance Committee, oversees the SUUSA budget, recommends student fee expenditures, and appoints controllers to assist in managing SUUSA funds.

Each Vice President also serves as a voting member of the Student Senate.

  • The SUUSA Chief Justice presides as the chair of the SUUSA Judiciary Committee, and as both the Parliamentarian of the Student Senate and as a student representative on the University Appeals board.
  • The Chief of Staff assists the Student Body President in managing all SUUSA Officers and Staff, heads special projects, and assists in any other assignment, role, or committee under the discretion of the Student Body President.
  • The Executive Marketing Director oversees the social media, print marketing, photography and videography for the STIL Office.