Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Finance. The Budget and Finance Committee shall utilize controllers in an ex-officio (a nonvoting member) capacity. The major duties of this committee will be:

  1. Review and monitor all funding requests and make recommendations to the Student Senate.
  2. Approve or deny any funding requests under $200.
  3. Monitor all SUUSA budgets and accounts.
  4. Work together with any other committee or ad hoc-committee to support SUUSA.
SUUSA Constitution - Article VII, Section 2.C

Committee Membership

Name Title Email Address
D'Mia Lamar Vice President of Finance - Committee Chair
Josh Osborne Finance Assistant
Jacob Lyman BUS Senator
Kirsten Mudrow EDU Senator
Kolton Pierson Club Representative
Miranda Reyes Student Athletics Senator
Caleb Paulson Housing and Residence Life Representative
Cassidy Mickelson SUUSA Controller
Nathaniel Corry Club Controller