Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee oversees $10.75 of student fees, which is set aside for Student Association uses. These funds are divided between the various groups within Student Involvement and Leadership (STIL) and are used for various events, clubs and organizations, publicity, and SUUSA Senate initiatives. A large portion of this money goes toward the Student Senate budget, which is mostly used to fulfill Student and Club Funding Requests. The Budget and Finance Committee’s main responsibility is managing these funding requests made by University Sponsored Organizations (USOs) and Individual Student Clubs (ISCs) . Both USO and ISC are allowed to request up to $750 per semester. These requests will be discussed within the Budget and Finance Committee where the request will be approved, denied or adjusted based on a unified decision.

Requesting Money

Here is a general breakdown of the SUUSA Funding Policy:

  • Both USOs and ISCs can request money from the SUUSA Finance Committee. The maximum amount awarded in the form of a grant is $750 per semester [$1500 per academic year].
  • Due to the tie between the University and USOs, USOs are allowed to request up to an additional $2000 from the SUUSA Student Senate after they have exhausted all other manners of resources and have been awarded the $750 from the Budget and Finance Committee for that specified semester. Any USO who is interested in this option should reach out to the Vice President of Finance to inquire more information.
  • Funding requests must be submitted through the Funding Request form located on this page, and adhere to the conditions and criteria set in the current SUUSA Finance Policies.
  • Requests should be submitted to the Budget and Finance Committee at least four [4] weeks prior to the intended date of use. Any requests received less than at least four weeks in advance can not be guaranteed to be discussed or provided.
  • The granted money will not be transferred to another Purchasing Card, given in the form of a check/ cash, or transferred to another account. All granted money will be held within SUUSA accounts and the awarded party will work with their Club Director to make any and all purchases with the grant money.
  • Money received from SUUSA must be used for on campus activities open to all SUU students and cannot be used for conference travel or other off campus activities (with the exception of USOs).
  • Any money granted to a USO or ISC must sign a contract with the Vice President of Finance and the Vice President of Clubs and Involvement before receiving the awarded money.
  • Individual requests are no longer allowed under Utah System of Higher Education policies. All individuals seeking funding should reach out to their Student College Senator and the SPARC office who may provide the individual with more information.

Finance Policies

Provided here are the current SUUSA Finance Policies that have been ratified through the SUUSA Student Senate. These policies are continually updated to provide clear and fair rules about funding for student run clubs and organizations at SUU.

Thank you for visiting the SUUSA Funding Request page. Unfortunately the requests are closed until the beginning of Fall 2024. More specific details will be presented in the weeks before the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have any questions, please reach out to William at suusa_financevp@suu.edu.