Student Life Enhancement Committee

The Student Life Enhancement Committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Academics. The major duties of this committee will be:

  1. Propose, implement, and monitor special projects.
  2. Address the social and academic needs of all SUU students.
  3. Create and maintain opportunities to receive feedback from the student body.
  4. Work together with any other committee or ad hoc-committee to enhance student life at SUU.
SUUSA Constitution - Article VII, Section 2.A

Committee Membership

Name Title Email Address
Parker Hess Vice President of Academics
Kylie Monks Academics Assistant
Eliza Carpenter Student Life Director
Brenton Bushnell Student Life Director
Whitney Piñeiro Graduate Senator
Grace Schulz HSS Senator
Jeremy Osborne Upper Division Senator
Keith Mason Veterans Representative
Deann Ojeda Non-traditional Representative
Siuila Uele Diversity and Inclusion Representative