Student Life Enhancement Committee

The Student Life Enhancement Committee is directly managed by the Student Body President and the SLEC Director. Together, they work to address and resolve the social and academic needs of SUU students. Their main tasks are to listen to the feedback from all students and to work through that feedback with students. This allows students to have a direct impact on the changes happening at SUU. Have an idea? We want to know!

SLEC Projects

The Student Life Enhancement Committee has been working on numerous projects in an effort to improve the experience. Some of our projects include getting reusable cups for SUU Dining options, gathering information on how Campus Recreation could improve, and sharing campus resource information through the ‘Did You Know’ campaign.

Meet your SLEC

These events are meant to provide students with the opportunity to meet their student representatives and leaders on campus. These events are held monthly and are open to all SUU students.

To schedule a one-on-one appointment with a SLEC member, please contact Student Life Enhancement Director - Cathryn Fitzpatrick OR Chief of Staff - Sam Crittenden at their contact information below.

T-Bird Squawks

Like our students, SUU is constantly learning and striving to improve. One of the best ways we can improve is through feedback from those of us who are experiencing life at SUU everyday! If you have a suggestion, shoot us an email or shoot us a text and let us know! You will be contacted by the Director of the Student Life Enhancement Committee and be connected with the proper SUUSA officer to discuss your idea in person!

Cathryn Fitzpatrick, Student Life Enhancement Director