ALCC Students in the SUU Student Center

American Language and Culture Center

If you have any questions about the ALCC, please contact us.
Phone: (435) 865-8033

Welcome to the American Language and Culture Center (ALCC) at Southern Utah University (SUU)!

The ALCC helps students learn academic English in preparation to transfer into university study. The ALCC also supports students as they continue to improve their academic English proficiency throughout their university study.

Through the ALCC, students develop academic English skills in many ways:

  • Language Immersion. Students make friends with SUU students and learn about American culture.
  • Academic Culture. Students participate in many special events and presentations on the SUU campus.
  • Experiential Learning. Students complete projects by having experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Technology Skills. Students use computers and the internet to complete language tasks.
  • Strategy Use. Students learn how to use their time wisely and how to take control of their own learning.

The ALCC helps with English language learning throughout the SUU community. The ALCC teaches faculty and staff how to make information easier for international students to understand. The ALCC also has volunteer opportunities for people who want to help international students and learn more about teaching English language learners.

There are many reasons why international students choose to study at the American Language and Culture Center (ALCC) at Southern Utah University (SUU):

  • Great Location. SUU is located in Cedar City, Utah, USA. It is a safe place to live. SUU hosts the famous Utah Shakespeare Festival. Cedar City is also close to many beautiful National Parks, such as Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Cedar City is only 2.5 hours by car from the exciting city of Las Vegas.
  • Start Dates. The ALCC has two terms in each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Each term is about six weeks. So there are six dates each year when new students can begin English language classes.
  • Low Cost. Tuition and fees for the Intensive English Program (IEP) is $2,256 per term (full-time study) and $1,128 per term for part-time study.
  • Housing Choices. ALCC students have many choices for places to live. They can live in on-campus housing, local apartments, or homestay (living with a family in the Cedar City area).
  • Dual Enrollment. Many students who complete the ALCC Intensive English Program (IEP) choose to study a degree program at SUU. Students who apply to SUU can enter the Dual Enrollment program in their last level of the IEP. Dual Enrollment students take between 6-9 credits of General Education or major courses and 6 credits of Intensive English. Dual enrollment is only available at the start of Fall 1 term or Spring 1 term.
  • Continued Support. Any degree-seeking student at SUU can enroll in English language workshop courses. In these courses, students develop language learning strategies that help them succeed at their General Education and major courses. Workshop courses cover topics such as note-taking, strategic reading, pronunciation, presentation skills, academic vocabulary, and research writing.
  • Community ESL. English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers who live and work in the Cedar City area can enroll in the ALCC evening Community ESL program. This program helps learners develop English skills for daily life and work needs.