ALCC IEP Curriculum

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at SUU is a great place to learn English. Students learn English through task-based and experiential learning. This means that they learn English by doing useful things and interacting with people outside of the classroom.

The IEP is divided into three tiers. Each tier has two levels. In each level, students take two courses: Written Language and Oral Language. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture are taught in all courses.

Each level may be completed in one 6-week term. So students may complete two levels (or one tier) each semester. A full-time student spends 18 hours per week in classes. Here is a diagram that shows the tiers, levels, and courses of the IEP.

ALCC Foundation and IEP Curriculum

ALCC Foundation and IEP Curriculum
The above graphic depicts the ALCC Foundation and IEP Curriculum. The curriculum begins with the Foundation Program, which consists of two courses, "Foundation 1" and "Foundation 2". Next, is IEP Tier 1, consisting of courses "IEP 1" and "IEP 2". It is followed by IEP Tier 2, which consists of "IEP 3" and "IEP 4". Finally, the curriculum concludes with IEP Tier 3, consisting of "IEP 5" and "IEP 6".